Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I <3 Halloween

Photo 11

Oh how I love Halloween

Photo 16

I bought this great pumpkin at Target. It so soft ^_^ and just too friggin cute.

I love my MacbookPro, Pumkin, and iSight. hehe The funny picture below are brought to you by rainbow cookies from Jamie.

Enjoy the Ernie... we should have had a Burt... lol


Monday, October 27, 2008

Record breaking number of hearts

I found a record breaking number of hearts out in Seattle on Sunday. I had lots of the people I love with me(not all of them of course, though that would have rocked!)

I had my trusty camera with me so I could keep up this album of hearts.

Jamie, Pete, Jennifer, Sean and I went to Downtown Seattle for the day. We had a great day! We ate breakfast at Pike’s Market, squished blueberries and all. (haha)

Where did Pete go? (see pic below)



We decided to discover parts of the Market I had not seen before and we went down Post Alley and came across this unusual wall of gum.... to me it was beautiful and gross all at the same time.




And finally around the International district we came across a car that had Heart car seats. Sorry the photo isn’t quite the definition of Epic

Heart Seat Cover