Friday, June 4, 2010

Work, Fun, and awesome Doll headphones

Hello Bloggy blog

Its been a while, ne?

So, here is my current song obsession (Thanks to my good friend R3light)
Artist: Lara Fabian
Song: Je T'Aime

Artist: Gackt Song: Seven (Live @ Drug Party)

So whats new eh?

* Work *
I've switched up the work I am doing now and am getting pointed into the direction I want to go, which makes me happy. I've got a goal, and damnit - I - Am - Going - To - Get - There!

* AIBO *
I am also a excruciatingly long 9 days away from having my Aibo funds pretty much saved up. Hopefully the shipping and customs costs do not go above $350 or so, otherwise I may need a few more donations. (there shouldn't be an customs fees)

* Stuffs for sale *
Tekno Headphones available! ($25 + Shipping - Black, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow available)
Pre-Made - ready to ship! While Supplies Last!
For Sale - Doll Headphones (MSD) - 1
* - Birthday Fun! - *
 I had a great birthday with great friends. Thank you Dad, Darby, Christine, Awtan, Pete, and Matt(Where the hell is Matt?) for making it awesome!

Pete and I danced with Matt (see below at "Dancing with Matt....")

We had a great day out in the park. The sun was awesome! We had the BEST fruit tart cake EVER! Mmmmmm....

We had lots of dollie fun =)

I got some awesome presents! Beautiful Flowers, cute Pong Pong and puki outfit I've wanted for a long time, Miyavi tickets, cute paper stars(for luck), lovely cards, and great fun!

Free Coffee

Pete posed Leeloo great! (this was like the 2nd time in a row he got her to do this)

Pete did this amazing trick

* - Dancing with Matt from "Where the hell is Matt" - *
Taping a little before we went in and danced with the group:
Matt's original video:
I hope Pete and I make the cut!

* - Crafty Dollie Fun - *
I also got to have a lot of fun this past holiday weekend. I got to ride the Ferry from Seattle to Bremerton, make a new friend, make dollie stuff(headphones, wig, jewelry, and belt), and eat yummy food!

Video compilation:

Check out all the darlings ^^ (just noticed Fenris's dolls aren't in there T T)

<3 Puki's!!!
Soon I hope to have a PongPong (Uber anime dork), Ruby (Little Lolita/Gothic Lolita), and Ante (Undecided)!

Gaius's new wig (he's wearing the red headphones)

Tekno Headphones available! ($25 + Shipping - Black, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow available)
While Supplies Last!
For Sale - Doll Headphones (MSD) - 1

MSD sized - Tekno headphones ($25 + Shipping)
Modeled by Lum

SD sized - Tekno headphones ($25 + Shipping)
Modeled by Roger
For Sale - Doll Headphones (SD) - 4

Boomin' Headphones available! ($15 + Shipping - Black, Yellow, Blue available)
While Supplies Last!

SD sized - Boomin' headphones ($15 + Shipping)
Modeled by Fox
For Sale - Doll Headphones (SD) - 2

 ( 2824V) ~> (3105V)


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