Saturday, May 31, 2008

*RE-POST* Convention Tour 2008-Day16 Soo Tired *RE-POST*

*This is a re-post of a VERY old blog... that in my turbulent past I took down because I was upset. I shouldn't have taken down. I preach to myself personally about being who you are and feeling what you feel without being ashamed. *

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I can’t sleep and I need to.... ;_;

I miss Jesse so much. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow. The cons and traveling have been fun, but allot of work. They have also been very emotionally taxing as well. Especially tonight.

I am used to having Jesse to cuddle up with to go to sleep and I haven’t since the 15th of May. We don’t talk allot because we are interested in very different subjects, but I have missed talking to him. On top of that we both don’t like talking on the phone.

It really hit me when I was going through iPhoto and found some old pictures of us. We looked really happy, and I realized we don’t have any current ones like that. We should smile more and take more photos together. The photo above is special for me because he wasn’t going to go on the trip that I went on and he decided later to drive 4 hours to surprise me. He brought me a flower he picked on the side of the road. That was the best flower I ever got, other than the one he made for me out of networking cable. That was just too techy cute.

Sure I am off doing neat new things, enjoying 3 conventions in a row (when normally I only get to enjoy them like once every 3 years), making new friends, buying things I had only dreamed of, seeing all the hot cosplayers, but you don’t realize how great someone is till they are gone. I realize I have taken him and our relationship for granted and I want to correct that. I really love him with all my heart.

hopefully now I can sleep... I’m gonna try to again... wish me luck.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 15-A-kon staff+planning=FAIL

Convention Tour 2008-Day 15 - 08 copy

So do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?

I will start with the bad because I’m FRIGGIN pissed! and I want to end on a good note ^_^ because I WILL have a good time the rest of the Convention. Listening to Ma Cherie will make me feel better.

Ok so bad news....

So a HUGE highlight of my trip was having the most awesome amazing chance to be able to see Versailles in Concert. This is a Japanese Rock band from Japan! Must I say more? They are a conglomerate of amazingly talented individuals from other broken up bands. I have loved Japanese music for a LONG time and these guys are form the genre that I love - JRock! Their costumes are all elaborate and I hear they put on an amazing show. I put a video of them below.

So I got here before most of the con go-ers and have been asking around every chance to try to find out more details so that I would be able to get into this concert and get a good seat! No one had any information to give me, and the ones that did give me information gave me something that they just came up with on the spot to try to pacify me.

Dealers didn’t even get spots reserved for them in the concert (Elden tells me this is a normal occurrence because they pay lots of money to have their booths at the Convention.... they are one of the main money bringers of a Convention).

So it comes to about One and a half hours before the concert is supposed to start. Now keep in mind, the room that the concert is being held in is being used right up until the setup for the concert starts. And they put up signs saying the room will be emptied before the concert starts, and no one has been able to tell me where and if there will be a line starting to be able to get into the concert. So I walk around confused asking every staff member I could to try to make sure I was covered to be able to get into the concert, of course they are all volunteers and aren’t informed on ANYTHING(not even where the bathroom is...)

After wandering around (Now it is an hour before the setup for the concert) I FINALLY find the line for the concert and it was wrapped around in a strange way that made it look like it was the line for pre-registration(totally seperate event from the concert). As I start to walk towards the end of the line I get more and more worried that I won’t even make it in the room. It is obvious that I won’t even get a good seat. Which for me, that means I may as well just listen to them on my iPhone and not waste my time. I get to the back of the line and right as I was get in line a VERY rude Con official comes up and says we can’t get in that line and won’t acknowledge that it is for the Versailles concert and that we have to come back in a hour or the concert will be canceled.

*my laptop is about dead...*

So the good news is that I won second place in the Hall cosplay contest *sigh* I will find a power plug and rant more... not sure when I can update on the interwebs again though...

*found power + internet!!* see things are getting better -_-;

I understand that a building can only have a certain amount of people because of fire/safety hazards... and that is fine..... the part that really pisses me off is that no one could give me any information and that they were rude.

Rrrrrr!!! Ok so on to happier things.

I will be meeting some amazing cosplayers tomorrow! Another really good Mana that posts on a forum that I visit, and maybe the person that won First place over me.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 14 Version 2.0 - Fanime

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 055

Reflection on Fanime:
So I really had a great time. I met too many great people to be able to remember them all! I have the worst memory, especially with names. -_-;

Friday I dressed up as Mana from Moi Dix Mois.

Real Mana様~~~~~~>mana-sama-en-live
Here is me half-assedly dressed up as that... Everything other than the wig and make-up was a throw together. son don’t judge it too bad. Even the hair needs more work... it needs layers cut into it, and more tall spikes, and some longer straight lengths to hang down...

And I didn’t put “DIX” on my forehead.

Convention Tour 2008-Day 8 - 23

Convention Tour 2008-Day 8 - 31

Convention Tour 2008-Day 8 - 37

This outfit wasn’t as much of a hit as the Merveilles Mana outfit I wore on Saturday, but that is understandable. It is quite gothic, dark, and un-approachable.

I actually had people that I worked with at the con that had seen me in my normal clothes (bright colorful and shaven headed). When I came in the next day wearing my Mana Merveilles outfit they were asking Elden where I was. It was really funny. Makeup can drastically change the way a person looks.

I Also bought my Dollzone Super Dollfie Yuu that day. The guys and gals at The Junky Spot were so awesome! They were patient with me and answered all my questions! I even was able to play with as many of the dolls as I wanted. I had narrowed it down to a Hid (Mini Super Dollfie sized Ball Jointed Doll) or a Yuu (a 70 cm Ball Jointed Doll (Normal Super Dollfie dolls are 60 cm). The joint system was better on Yuu, and it would have been easier to do detailed face-ups and make clothing for a bigger doll.

The lady that helped me is pictured at the top of this journal entry. She was really awesome! I never got her name though ;_; . I hope that she and Emory keep in touch. I want to learn her name... lol I also wish I had taken pictures of their booth. They had some of their own personal customized dolls that were gorgeous!

BJD-Convention Tour 2008-Day 8 - 54 copy

BJD-Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 11 copy

On Saturday I wore my normal bubbly bright colored clothing and made allot more friends that way. Everyone wanted to talk to me more.

Convention Tour 2008-Day 9 - 13

Then on Sunday I wore my Merveilles outfit. This was the first time I had tried out this white face makeup. It turned out pretty well i think. I do think I will make the blue around my eyes more exagerated for the Hall Cosplay Contest at A-Kon. Here is a reference photo of the real Mana様

Malice Mizer-Mana-Le Ciel-Concert - 0023

The white face makeup made quite the difference. I really felt I looked allot more like Mana様. I felt very much like a celebrity because so many people wanted to take their picture with me instead of just a picture of me. It was quite surreal! When someone would ask to take a picture with me I would ask if they could take one with my camera too, that way I could remember them.

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 014

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 023

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 018

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 029

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 033

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 036

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 038

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 039

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 040

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 044

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 046

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 048

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 055

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 057

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 060

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 064

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 070
Sunday I don’t really have much to report on. I was REALLY tired. Wearing that white face makeup and fake lashes on both your top and bottom lids while working all day in this complicated outfit is very exhausting for your face.

Fanime was great and I hope to keep in touch with the people I met!

Convention Tour 2008-Day 14 Version 1.0

So Elden and I are driving to TX today. We should get there tonight.

I noticed that my backlight for my keyboard on my Macbook Pro isn’t working for some reason. I have gone through all the settings (reset them to default, rebooted the machine, tried using the Function keys). Its really strange. When I use any of the function keys related to the backlight it acts as though it recognizes the act of pressing the keys, but that the actually function is not allowed. *sigh*

Anyway I was looking through my pictures and I also realized that I have upgraded dolls. I attempted to make a Ball Jointed Doll in college (in a short two week time span while working on 18 credits of other class work and working fulltime)

Ashley-Paper Clay-Doll - 01

He wasn’t so bad for being on quite a budget of time and money. I forget what I named him.

I also made a fabric doll too. He was kinda cool. I like all the tattoo’s I gave him. I don’t have any other better pictures of him though. He is all the way in North Carolina somewhere.

Ashley-Fabric-Doll - 02

Now I have upgraded to my Dollzone Yuu. I’m going to have a gallery just for him I think, but I will put some of my pictures of him here.

BJD-Convention Tour 2008-Day 8 - 04 copy

BJD-Convention Tour 2008-Day 8 - 09 copy

BJD-Convention Tour 2008-Day 8 - 18 copy


Loli's first friend

So I have two outfits for him right now. I want to get/make him some underwear so that when I put the black dress on him the dye from the fabric won’t stain his butt so bad.

The vendor that I bought him from made fun of me for putting him in a dress..... /cry lol

I have also been thinking about what to name him. Here are some names that I thought were good.
Emory (It coincidentally is the name of the dealer I bought him from... but I like that name)
Adrian Abbadon
Delynn (Babylon 5 Reference)
Linnear (Babylon 5 Reference)
Malak (Arabic meaning Angel)
Marijn (Dutch meaning Sea)
Mudiwa (African Shona meaning beloved)

Well thats all I have for now.

I think I have decided to name him Linnear. It just sounds so eloquent.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 13

BJD-Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 13 copy
So somehow I managed to magically loose my adapter to my notebook and I miss Jesse. I rock! so I won’t be able to really do a whole lot until I get a new adapter in Dallas TX. Grrrr!!! Aaarg!!!

So.... I found the adapter... YAY! there’s $80 I don’t have to spend.

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10

Convention Tour 2008-Day 15 - 07 copy

I think some people have been confused or just look at my journal so I am going to start putting updates in my journals too.

~I have put up a new gallery of my pictures from my “Convention Tour” in the Gallery section.

So I am trying out a white face Merveilles Mana. A number of people have mentioned that they thought Mana wore white foundation with this outfit (which he did sometimes, but not all). I’m not thrilled with it yet, but I am at least satisfied for now. Im gonna do the jewels and lips later before the con starts.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 6

Photo 10 copy

So I am at Starbucks (aka Starboobs, Fourbucks, expensive Coffee) taking a break and drinking a WONDERFUL Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino. Mmmm yummy. It is quite warm here in San Francisco.

I don’t really have anything down for the past two days because there was nothing really to report, just sleeping a driving. Oh I did get to watch the Moi Dix Mois DVD of their Dixandu tour from 2007. That was friggin amazing. I want to make his white outfit! (I really would rather buy it... but damn thats expensive!!) I got some good close-ups of Mana’s makeup that will really help me in doing his black makeup.

Last night Elden and I got some dinner at a local place. It was quite tasty! We had Dry and Wet Chow Fun. I have had the dry kind before and I now think I like the Wet kind better (though they both are pretty amazing. I also had some Oolong tea. I have found that Elden is very good at picking out food. It’s been that way the whole trip.

I got to talk with Jesse some today and got to hear about the things he’s been up to which made me happy. I’m glad he is having a good time. I also got a souvenir for Pete and Jamie. I know they will love it!

I have gone out of China Town some to get to a wig store (so I could buy a wig to wear at the next two cons and be Moi Dix Mois Mana). I got a really good one at a very decent price! I also got some eyelashes too, just in case mine mess up or something. Now that I have my stuff I will be heading back to China Town to get some more good cheaply priced stuff!

Oh yea I also went to the Apple store here. The layout for this one is awesome! I got a clamp on shell for my Macbook Pro and one for my iPhone. With this case I think I will be able to hook on cute phone danglies (which China Town has allot of those for cheap).

I also noticed I need to work on the colors for my site..... When people comment the text is in a light grey which is hard to read, and I am very appreciative of the comments and want them to be easily read.

Well I am going off to explore San Francisco some more!!!

.....There is more but I am tired...


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 3

Convention Tour 2008-Day 3 - 09
So I am on day 3 now. I got to observe the flow of the con, customers, and of Yaya and Elden’s booths. His was one of the busiest there. I walked around to see some of the other vendors as well today.

Alot of cute lolita’s at the con and huge amazing moogle!! I will be adding up pictures as soon as I can. When I see the picures again I will remember more details to write about.

Oh yea and I also saw some very cute Dolfies. Today it seemed as though Soul Doll and some other company I haven't heard of was the popular ones to buy. One was one of the larger sized dolls, but costed half the price!

I really miss my Jesse, my Pete + Jamie, and my Seattle Coffee.

Anyway Im off to get some more miles behind me and hopefully get to a hotel soon so I can zZzzZZZzzzzz......

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 2

So we got up at 7am today, and got to the con extra early because we thought the Dealer room opened at 9 instead of 10. Better to be early than late and sorry.

I was dressed up as Merveilles - Le Ciel - Mana today. I did my Mana makeup at a record breaking 30 minutes!!! I think it turned out ok.... I will have more pics from the con later.

Some highlights.....

I saw a Kami, Kozi, and Mana from a Merveiles group! They were beautiful and I got pictures with all of them (Except Mana I think... ;_:)

I also saw a very nice Bara No Seido Mana(who gave me a rose! How cute!!) and a Princess Mana (I don’t know how else to describe it, the cosplay was GREAT!).

I dont think she knew it was my birthday, but Yaya also gave me a pair of her Moogle ears! YAY! Im wearing them in the picture above (though you can’t see the ball)

Anyway Im tired and will be getting to bed. I probably won’t be able to update my site for a couple of days. I will continue to type about my adventures, but wont post it till I have internet again! So keep looking back to see if I have an update.

Hey Emily! I got to take a glance at your costume. I liked yours too!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 1 (Really Day 2) Version 2.1.1

Punch (see above picture)..... Someone in the FACE....

Not really but some GTA IV would be awesome. lol

Well see good ole’ Gackt there? Thats kinda me right now except I have a mac in my lap and don’t look quite so mad....Even so I’m still in high spirits. I WILL get there someway somehow before the weekend is over!!!!

Im milking the airport for power while I work on my blog and charge my iphone. I need to make sure it stays charged so I can make phone calls and do directions and such. I wish I could connect my Macbook Pro to my phone’s internet. That’d be the hotness.

At least I was smart enough to move over my most important video files.... Now I am watching S.K.I.N.’s performance of “Nine Spiral”. Sooo friggin awesome!

My list of Videos......
Gackt-Just do a google images search... no explaining needed. lol
Madonna-She has HOT boots.....zomg above the knee boots.
Malice Mizer-read my site, you’ll know why.
Lareine-I will be seeing Kamijo (Versailles) during my trip! hazaaa!
Psycho Le Cemu-Just cause they are up-beat and crazy.
Moi Dix Mois-C’mon.... its Mana. DUH
Miyavi-cause his hair ROCKS!
Sweeney Todd-Tim Burton + Johnny Depp + Musical
Jeffree Star-His makeup, one word - FANTABULOUS
Gorillaz-who doesn’t like them?
Dir En Grey-Stress relief

12:59 am.....
So... I am uber excited about being around Yaya and Elden. I really wish I had internet here so I could look over Yaya’s website again. I want to pick her brain about some of the details of her costumes.

I really should be sorting through pictures but I really don’t want to. I don’t have anywhere that I can use my mouse and doing it with a touchpad is crazy annoying. But I am running out of things to type about and thats the only thing left to do really.... hmm

1:27 am.....
Aaahm.... I made an expense sheet for my trip to keep track of the dough Im spending. Will make me way more less likely to buy an expensive birthday gift for myself. I REALLY hope I don’t see an El or Shine... I would just DIE!

My friggin phone is still charging.... jeez Its kinda funny watching people..... And I have surprisingly enough run into pretty much all nice people here... I better not have just jinx’d myself. That’d totally suck.

Alright I gotta find a potty and somewhere warmer to sit. Im close to some doors so its a little chilly.... blarg!!

1:53 am......
I’m back again......
So I explored the girls bathroom and found a somewhat warmer spot. I also have another jacket too. The bathroom was clean! So that was a definite highlight for me....

Aah! I know what I can do! I can re-read my Vampire Knight Manga. The English Manga, Japanese Manga, and Anime are each on different places in the story so Im kinda confused. lol Besides its always nice to go back and look at pretty pictures.

2:57 am....
Got done watching some Miyavi stuffs..... *yawn* I think I might get a bite to eat here soon, or at least go look at food. I don’t want to go to sleep in the airport. Im too paranoid that I would over-sleep or have some of my stuff taken(Even though the airport is dead).

5:01 am....
So I met up with Amber and she’s pretty cool.
Some things I learned.....
Banana Runts = Bad (in a world’s gonna end kind of way)
Banana ice cream form Cold Stone Creamery = Heavenly.

I was able to get on the 6:05 am flight!!!! YAY



So I have a list of good things....
Made a new cool acquaintance (Amber). Yesss!! I remembered her name, I am horrible at that.
I was able to get onto the 6:05 am flight.
I sat next to a wonderful chap with a good sense of humor. He was polite and nice to talk to.
My flight arrived on time.
The airport was easy to navigate.
My bags arrived just fine and the lady who helped unlock it for me was as nice as could be.
It was easy to get a Taxi.
The Taxi driver was very nice.


The Bad
I paid for a taxi ride to the wrong hotel.....

So now I am waiting in the lobby of the wrong Motel 6 for another Taxi to come and pick me up. I really hope Jose is as nice as the polite Motel 6 guy is saying.

I got the the correct hotel FINALLY and washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed clothes and went to the convention. I browsed around the dealer room and met up with Elden and Yaya.

Later Elden and I went to a local restraunt and had Mexican. Then I took a shower and went straight to bed, even though I am SUPER excited about watching the new Moi Dix Mois DVD!!! Dixandu.

Tomorrow I will wear my Merveilles Mana outfit I think....


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 1 Version 2.0

So due to circumstances I missed my check in time for my flight....

SO now I am waiting to be able to try to squeeze in on the next flight which is at 11:33 tonight. Its currently 10:33 and they are telling me this flight looks pretty full... *sigh*

Oh well.... as Jesse has taught me and as Elden has said... just roll with the punches and in the end I’ll have a hell of a time.

I’ve gone through a series of emotions today. From wanting to snuggle in bed with Jesse all morning(which I did till about 8:00am) because I really started to realize how much Im gonna miss him, to being happy about a DA spot, to missing my flight(self explanatory...), to being glad to get to spend a little more time with Jesse(He was nice enough to come up to the airport and spend a couple of hours with me while I wait for the next flight, and to catch some good food. Mmmmm walnut salmon salad), to sitting in the terminal twiddling my thumbs hoping I can get in on the 11:33 flight to Anime Central.

Overall though I think I handled myself pretty well. I didn’t freak out when they told me I couldn’t board my flight... I stayed calm and the lady was quite nice. Let me take out 5 lbs of stuff from my check in bag so I wouldn’t be charged $100 for it being 55 lbs rather than 50 lbs. She also didn’t charge me a missed flight fee or something or other. So thanks to the flight lady that was awesome (as could be in said situation)

I’m trying to look at the positive side of things because I am a firm believer in that positive things happen to positive people.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 1 Version 1.0

So this is before Day one.... but who knows if I will get to post tomorrow. It will be quite a busy day....

So I was offered a position as a DA and will be going into the District office to talk more about that. I’m super excited!

I also need to make sure I stop by Best Buy and pick up a airplane adapter for my Mac for the trip.

I’m really proud of myself because I was able to fit all the things I could want or need into one check in bag and two carry-ons... speaking of which I have to get my straightening iron!!! *zips away to grab it* brb!

Whew.... disaster evaded....

Anyway tomorrow I will be flying out to Anime Central... woo!

Friday, May 2, 2008

M is the letter for me.

So I came to the conclusion that there are alot of things my my life that revolve around the letter “M”.

Musical Robots-Its just so friggin cute!

Malice Mizer
- My absolutely Most favorite visual kei japanese rock band!

Ma Cherie
-A close second to Madrigal, the best bouncy song ever. This is the theme song for my favorite band’s fan club. (Malice Mizer’s Ma Cherie)

-The best bouncy, pick your day up, song ever. Just makes you want to bob your head.... and I do. From Malice Mizer.

Moi Dix Mois
- one my my more liked japanese visual kei bands.

- Magnificent Master creator of all that is beautiful. - Music, Art, Makeup, Fashion.

Moi Memme Moite
-Gorgeous clothing line created by the wondrous Mana

Mon Amor
-Fan club for Mana/Moi Dix Mois fans


-The best album and band tour ever!

-The craziest cutest Jrocker ever. Keep doin your thing Elegant!

MAC (Apple)
-What would I do without my Mac? I would be an ANGRY PC user that never gets anything creative done.

M.A.C. (Cosmetics)
-oh the beautiful range of colors. this is the Most Magnificent Makeup on earth.

Market (Pike Market)
-One of my favorite places to be in Seattle. Mmmm Athenian Inn Coffee!

-Vampire Princess Miyu. the Manga of my childhood. I did cosplays of Miyu and dreamed of being her for fun.

-What would I do without my precious Manga? It keeps me dreaming on and inspires me to draw more. Currently I am on Vampire Knight, Absolute Boyfriend..... uuh yea thats it.

-another creative outlet for me to help express my colorful personality and feelings.