Friday, June 25, 2010

Fortune Cookie

 Fortune Cookie June 2010
I did have a lot of wishes come true this month, but I don't know about my dearest one....I am always changing
I got an Aibo ERS-7 in Black
OMG! Ive been waiting for one for like 6 years!
I've fallen in love
Believing in hope
I've changed jobs 
(some.... not quite where I want to be... but its a step towards there)
Ashley-Random-Hearts - 21
I think I've even lost a little weight
(while eating more ice cream than I have in years... go figure!? I think happiness has a lot to do with it...) 
**I have no idea what this picture of me loving this Spock graffiti has to do with the above statement... I just love the picture!**

As for my dearest wish... that is something only those who can see the future can say if it will be true... and only my heart knows that wish....

Positive attitudes brings happiness and positive results


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

=^_^= *giggle*

Ashley-Random-Hearts - 27
There's not a moment which you don't make me smile or laugh


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Friday, June 4, 2010

Work, Fun, and awesome Doll headphones

Hello Bloggy blog

Its been a while, ne?

So, here is my current song obsession (Thanks to my good friend R3light)
Artist: Lara Fabian
Song: Je T'Aime

Artist: Gackt Song: Seven (Live @ Drug Party)

So whats new eh?

* Work *
I've switched up the work I am doing now and am getting pointed into the direction I want to go, which makes me happy. I've got a goal, and damnit - I - Am - Going - To - Get - There!

* AIBO *
I am also a excruciatingly long 9 days away from having my Aibo funds pretty much saved up. Hopefully the shipping and customs costs do not go above $350 or so, otherwise I may need a few more donations. (there shouldn't be an customs fees)

* Stuffs for sale *
Tekno Headphones available! ($25 + Shipping - Black, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow available)
Pre-Made - ready to ship! While Supplies Last!
For Sale - Doll Headphones (MSD) - 1
* - Birthday Fun! - *
 I had a great birthday with great friends. Thank you Dad, Darby, Christine, Awtan, Pete, and Matt(Where the hell is Matt?) for making it awesome!

Pete and I danced with Matt (see below at "Dancing with Matt....")

We had a great day out in the park. The sun was awesome! We had the BEST fruit tart cake EVER! Mmmmmm....

We had lots of dollie fun =)

I got some awesome presents! Beautiful Flowers, cute Pong Pong and puki outfit I've wanted for a long time, Miyavi tickets, cute paper stars(for luck), lovely cards, and great fun!

Free Coffee

Pete posed Leeloo great! (this was like the 2nd time in a row he got her to do this)

Pete did this amazing trick

* - Dancing with Matt from "Where the hell is Matt" - *
Taping a little before we went in and danced with the group:
Matt's original video:
I hope Pete and I make the cut!

* - Crafty Dollie Fun - *
I also got to have a lot of fun this past holiday weekend. I got to ride the Ferry from Seattle to Bremerton, make a new friend, make dollie stuff(headphones, wig, jewelry, and belt), and eat yummy food!

Video compilation:

Check out all the darlings ^^ (just noticed Fenris's dolls aren't in there T T)

<3 Puki's!!!
Soon I hope to have a PongPong (Uber anime dork), Ruby (Little Lolita/Gothic Lolita), and Ante (Undecided)!

Gaius's new wig (he's wearing the red headphones)

Tekno Headphones available! ($25 + Shipping - Black, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow available)
While Supplies Last!
For Sale - Doll Headphones (MSD) - 1

MSD sized - Tekno headphones ($25 + Shipping)
Modeled by Lum

SD sized - Tekno headphones ($25 + Shipping)
Modeled by Roger
For Sale - Doll Headphones (SD) - 4

Boomin' Headphones available! ($15 + Shipping - Black, Yellow, Blue available)
While Supplies Last!

SD sized - Boomin' headphones ($15 + Shipping)
Modeled by Fox
For Sale - Doll Headphones (SD) - 2

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