Sunday, November 9, 2008

Video Journal!

Video Journal!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I <3 Halloween

Photo 11

Oh how I love Halloween

Photo 16

I bought this great pumpkin at Target. It so soft ^_^ and just too friggin cute.

I love my MacbookPro, Pumkin, and iSight. hehe The funny picture below are brought to you by rainbow cookies from Jamie.

Enjoy the Ernie... we should have had a Burt... lol


Monday, October 27, 2008

Record breaking number of hearts

I found a record breaking number of hearts out in Seattle on Sunday. I had lots of the people I love with me(not all of them of course, though that would have rocked!)

I had my trusty camera with me so I could keep up this album of hearts.

Jamie, Pete, Jennifer, Sean and I went to Downtown Seattle for the day. We had a great day! We ate breakfast at Pike’s Market, squished blueberries and all. (haha)

Where did Pete go? (see pic below)



We decided to discover parts of the Market I had not seen before and we went down Post Alley and came across this unusual wall of gum.... to me it was beautiful and gross all at the same time.




And finally around the International district we came across a car that had Heart car seats. Sorry the photo isn’t quite the definition of Epic

Heart Seat Cover

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moved In!

My stuffs here..... but I gotta work on decoration

Photo 5

First and foremost I want send out a very special thanks to all the people that helped me.

Thomas And Dikla - being great friends that were and are there for me, oh and for letting me bum your futon, and interwebs ^_^; and for driving me to the places I needed to go.

Josh - For being Johnny on the Spot and helping me out without much notice. You were a trooper, tanx so much!

Jamie and Jen - For letting me use your vehicles to transport stuff and helping put together furniture.

Pat - thanks for the help of carrying stuff, going grocery shopping, and for just hanging out ^_^.

Shane - tanx for trying to help me find a place, and really just being an awesome guy. Im sure you get tired of all my questions @ work.

Mom and Dad for helping me get the place furnished ^_^ and Mom for being here with me through the whole experience. I know you would have been here if you could Dad.

I got myself a nice big whiteboard for my apartment. I am going to document the many goofy doodles that will grace it’s surface. Here is the first of many doodles to come.



A lot of the stuff on the board are inside jokes that only me and the people that drew them will truly get the joke, but everyone else can laugh at the ULTIMATE pen-manship! lol

Aaaah ^_^ Its starting to feel like home.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moving In Day! 1.0

Dikla and Thomas helped me to get some stuff from Belltown last night. And then I stayed the night with them, we had WONDERFUL pasta with olives in it(thank you Dikla for cooking).

I get to go sign all the paperwork mumbo jumbo this morning and start moving! Josh is comming to help for the day and Dikla and Thomas will be helping in the morning.

I so have to take some video of the move in! YAY!

I’m super excited ^__^ I was playing around with where the little bit of furniture I have will go, and things I want to eventually have (Like a couch, a big tv, etc)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A place to call Home

Photo 1

So, I just found out that I have been accepted to live in a quaint little 1br apartment up at Northgate near Thomas and Dikla. I’m really excited, but also nervous about the move. I no longer have a car so I am going to be really dependent on other people to help me move my stuff.

Northgate Manor-309-Layout

Here is what the layout of my place is like. I’m super excited ^__^ I was playing around with where the little bit of furniture I have will go, and things I want to eventually have (Like a couch, a big tv, etc)

Friday, August 29, 2008

I’m lovin it! Kumoricon 2008

Convention - Kumoricon 2008 - 113

So we have gotten to the hotel and setup “base” and I am totally LOVING it!

Maybe thats cause of the alcohol ^_^. mmm vanilla vodka and coke.

The layout for this convention is kind of weird. The dealer’s room is in a separate building from the hotel. And the hotel doesn’t really have allot of room for much of anything to be going on.

Also, the lines to pickup your badge for your pre-registration were HORRIBLE. The system was so confusing I don’t even know if I can explain it to where it will be understandable.

There were two lines to get badges for the con, one was if you had not pre-registered(already ordered and paid for a badge) and one for picking up our already paid for badge.

Inside the hotel these lines were split up (at least the con staff thought so). There was really NO organization of any kind. No ropes for the lines, no one managing the lines, nothing.

Outside of the hotel both of these lines were combined into one, a big WTF in my book. That makes the wait for both longer. And if anything the pre register people shouldn’t have to wait any longer.

THATS WHY YOU PRE-REGISTER. to remove the inconvenience of not having done so.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

“Meh“ >.<


So I was thinking....

Lets hypothetically pretend that reincarnation is the way things work, and in my little philosophical universe for this moment one can be reincarnated into an inanimate object.

Worst Scenario Ever:
So lets say you someone are magically turned into someone’s old pair of shoes.

You ask “Why would this suck any worse than being turned into a lamp or a cheese grater?”

I say it is worse because now you are an object that someone pined for, and really loved when you were new. They evidently really liked you because they wore the heck out of you, which is why you now have some evident wear and tear. Maybe even some of your sole is coming apart.

The worst part is that now because you are the old pair of shoes you will be worn in the rain, mud, sleet, and snow without so much as a thought of the mud, grime, and grit you are going to be drudged through. Oh and when that walk through the icky-ness is over, you won’t get cleaned up. You’ll just be taken out next time the weather is bad to get more layers of dirt caked on.

Maybe as a reincarnated old shoe you can pull the sock trick and disappear somehow. I hear your average Washer and Dryer can help with socks on that matter, maybe they can do it with shoes too.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


CRW_5705.CRW copy
The sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something.
I was geeking out as usual over doll stuff. That tends to be my vice as of late. Ooogling over all the pretty dolls at various different websites. Dollzone being one of them.

Dollzone is the maker of the Dollzone Yuu that I have (Linnear). On their site they had a series of different banners with poems on them.

I was first attracted to the dolls in the banners and then I read the text.

It was funny to me how fitting some of the text was to some of the recent events in my life.

Life is a funny thing.

Dollzone Website Advertisement - 1
"If the golden sun, should cease to shine its light,
Just one smile from you, would make my whole world bright."

Dollzone Website Advertisement - 3
"Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful."

Dollzone Website Advertisement - 2
"Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened"

All Images above (Except for intro picture) are owned and created by Dollzone. I in no way take credit for,claim to be their creator, or am out to make profit from these images.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Yay! The interview I forgot about! Fanime 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 052

I totally forgot I did this interview. I was so happy someone was interviewing people about Jrock stuff, and that I got to be a part of it!

Yay me! all the work on my costume paid off! ^_^

Wednesday, August 6, 2008



Have you ever woken up from a dream; and the dream was really great and you sigh because you realize it was a dream.

I’ve only ever been able to go back to sleep to an awesome dream one time. It was great.

But I really don’t want to be dreaming in life....

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Bring on the Anime, Manga, and Cosplay wonderfullness!!
Creative, Makeup, J-Rock, Japanese, Cosplay, Dollfie

I just want someone that I can connect with. Someone who just gets me.

I like playing video games (mostly PC, but like the Console ones too!) I used to have LAN parties and play Counter Strike (Original and Source), Warcraft III, and the occasional Call of Duty. I also like watching others play games as well. Its like a movie for me! I really want to watch someone play all the way through the Fatal Frame series (with the lights off, and the sound turned WAY up to add to the creepiness!). I can only get through 30 minutes of it at a time >.< its too scary! Bioshock would be awesome too!

I would also really love to find someone that would be a cosplay partner for me! Its always better when you have someone dressing up as an accompanying character.
Malice Mizer-Group-Illuminati-Concert - 0004Malice Mizer-Group-Cyberland - 0019
I need a Gackt for my Mana (Series: Malice Mizer)

An Anthy for my Utena (Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Vampire Knight - 19
A Kaname or Zero for my Yuki (Series: Vampire Knight)

A Night for my Riiko (Series: Absolute Boyfriend)

A Larva/Rava for my Miyu (Series: Vampire Princess Miyu)

A D for me (damsel in distress) (Series: Vampire Hunter D)

Sailor Moon - Artbook1 - 030Sailor Moon - Artbook1 - 039
A Tuxedo Mask for my Sailor Moon (Series: Sailor Moon)

Photo 19
Kumoricon 2008 - Day 04 - 21

I want someone that I can walk through downtown with Linnear (My Asian Ball Jointed Doll - Dollzone Yuu) on my shoulders and not care the looks we/I get. Or if I decide to cosplay in the city without there being a con going on. Or someone that I could sit in a coffee shop, or on the couch with for hours and not get boored or could simply sit in each others silent company and not get that akward "no one's talking" feeling. Or someone that could take me out to go do something exciting, like going to a rave party or a drag show!

I just feel so at odds with the world. It seems like everyone that is into this stuff(if I ever find anyone that is) are like 16. I want someone that is a stable adult >.<.

This is just turning into a rant, so I'll just be waiting ^_^ for my Night to arrive in the mail.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dream Home

So I have been thinking about my semi-realistic dream place!

I think I would really like an apartment in Downtown Seattle - Loft style.

I really like the idea of a free open space for my own studio/creation space/Video Game/Movie area and then having just enough space for a bed and probably clothing in an open upstairs area. It is very clean and modern. Also it will cost less than some 1br apartments and still is allot like a one bedroom.

I had no clue what a loft was until I moved into my first apartment so I thought I would put in a floor plan of a loft, just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.
If you wanted to try to imagine what this would look like, the right half of the image would be sort of another floor of the apartment above the left half of the image.

Another thing I’m really big on is In-Unit washer and dryer, which seems hard to find. I would hate having to take my laundry to another floor to wash my laundry in a coin operated machine that everyone uses, and leaves permanent red pens in their pockets so all your whites are a nice shade of pink.

I’m super tired so Im gonna try to go get some sleep. I’ll probably write more about this later.

And please, any family or friends reading this PLEASE do not read this blog and assume I am moving immediately. No freaking out and calling everyone and their grandma about it!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A new adventure awaits me!

I'm so friggin Excited!! They are gonna regret giving me a white-board in my cube.

So I recently got a call from a friend who works at Siemens. He tells me that there is an opening working with the VP’s of Siemens and asks if I want to interview for the position. At the time I had a new job that could be pretty exciting, was a pay raise, got me out of the store and into the corporate Best Buy world. What did I have to loose by seeing what they had to offer?

So I went in for the interview and they liked me so much that they offered me the job the next day!!! I am so absolutely friggin excited! Thank you so very much for opening this door for me Thomas. Now I am not expecting all the clients to smell like roses and every day to be amazing, but I am excited about being able to walk from work, having my own cube (I can’t wait to decorate), getting an hour for lunch( well in all reality really getting a lunch instead of eating a sandwich in the car on the way to the next job...). The views are totally awesome! I took some pictures so here you go guys and gals that actually care!


Did you see Mt. Reineer in the pictures?

I’ll be sure to have photos of my decorated cube asap... *evil grin*

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I guess its normal to be scared.

Photo 43
Scared, but not like in the horror movies.

I’m not about to die from Cancer, I wasn’t in a car accident where I will be paralyzed for the rest of my life, I haven’t lost my job, I haven’t gone bankrupt, I am just scared.

I have had a very easy life, not much to complain about. I’ve been a healthy person even though the doctors said I would only live a couple of months, I’m fairly intelligent (at least thats what my GPA said), and I am proud of myself when I think about who I am.

I realize those are things that allot of people can’t truly say, and I am thankful that I can.

A large part of my life that was once stable has now lost its foundation, and that scares me to death. It is horrifying to think that you are standing on strong ground, and then to have an earthquake suddenly happen. There are always earthquakes, they are natural. The part that you don’t realize will happen is that the buildings affected by the earthquake may also fall.

This video I recorded has part of Imogen Heap/Frou Frou's song Psychobabble just seemed to fit me, my life, and my mood right now. I'm kinda bleh today, but I know it will get better. It has to. I have my family and friends.
Thank you's go out to Jamie, Pete, JP, Ronnie, Jeni, Gordon, Jeromy, Linnear

*Note 07-04-08*
This post is just a way for me to express my feelings that day. Everything is fine now. The top paragraph about cancer and whatnot is meant to be sarcastic, in that I really do not have anything to complain about comparatively (to those who have cancer, etc)

“It can’t rain all the time” <~ If you can tell me what movie this was from you get a cookie!

Free surprise for me in the Trash!!

Photo 14
Free Stuff = Uber Awesome

So I came home from a VERY long 12 hour day at work only to find a bunch of goodies for me sitting next to the trash area for our apartment building!

I have found that the people who live here make so much money that they frequently throw away perfectly good, and most times totally un-used items!

I found a bunch of brushes, paints, desk easel, stretched canvases, photo paper n stuff. Most of which had never even been used! Yay me!

Journal The Surprise when I got home! - The most popular videos are a click away

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well well well.... Journal-ness

BJD-Daiso-Food Accessories - 35
Drink Panda Shock!!!

Or not........

sorry I just thought this ‘soda’ I bought for Linnear is hillarious so I had to put that picture in.

So I taped a video journal a few minutes ago and uh yea and considering posting it.

Step away from the Youtube!

Should I leave YouTube?

So I am stuck in a little dillema! I think I want to start only hosting my videos at Metacafe (because you get paid for subscribers and views...) and have them on my website as well.

This also ties into me wanting to have a mailing list so I can let people know when I do significant updates to my site.
If interested in being on the mailing list send me an email

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 17

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 100
I felt like this earlier

Well I am on my way home from my convention tour, man have I had a good time, but I will be glad to be home!

So I am uber glad that I re-packed everything yesterday! I wouldn’t of had time to today. I ended up being able to fit everything into my original big bag and another bag that I had packed (Thanks to Jesse!) So that those could be checked in and have my boy (which I decided to name him Lennir by the way) and laptop with me on the plane.

We got everything un-packed from the con into the Van successfully and then went to take Elden’s friends Julie and Sarah out for lunch before taking them to the Bus station, and us to the Airport. I had a yummy Country Steak with mushrooms ^_^. Julie and Sarah were pretty cool, I wish I had been able to spend more time with them.

Elden then dropped me off at the airport but in the wrong place!!!#$!@%#! lol It wasn’t his fault though, the signs said it was the correct place. I had to walk all the way from section 10 to 32. I was running in the BLAZING Texas heat with way too many bags almost hyperventilating (I felt like someone with asthma). I had all these people asking if I was alright and staring at me because of the bad wheezing I was doing, but I ended up getting checked in ok. The security people got a laugh out of Lennir. One old gentleman asked “Is it a boy?” I laughed and said yes.

My flight has a layover.... and I was looking at the wrong ticket for my gate number. When I got there I was very lucky that the airport gate numbers skipped that one gate only, lol. I asked a very nice old man to help me out and we figured out I looked at the wrong ticket. So I then got on the tram to go to the correct section to the airport. I then also noticed that my flight was for 20 minutes before the other flight.... so I got to my flight JUST on time.... *sigh* so lucky!! I also got an aisle seat... YAY. More room!

I sat next to two people from the convention, but they weren’t very interested in talking >.<

I was worried I would not make the connecting flight because it landed a minute after the departure time of my connecting flight and everyone was slow to get off!! Luckily my flight was at the terminal right next door and they were waiting for transfers from my plane. So I got on alright. I took out my sketchbook and started using my water brush to paint and one of the other passengers behind me noticed my painting and we had a nice chat. Her and another passenger took a look at my sketchbook and they really liked it. I gave the nice lady a card so hopefully she will read how pleasant my flight was because of her ^_^. My battery is almost dead... >.< and I cannot charge it on this plane. I have the adapter!!!! /cry