Tuesday, August 19, 2008

“Meh“ >.<


So I was thinking....

Lets hypothetically pretend that reincarnation is the way things work, and in my little philosophical universe for this moment one can be reincarnated into an inanimate object.

Worst Scenario Ever:
So lets say you someone are magically turned into someone’s old pair of shoes.

You ask “Why would this suck any worse than being turned into a lamp or a cheese grater?”

I say it is worse because now you are an object that someone pined for, and really loved when you were new. They evidently really liked you because they wore the heck out of you, which is why you now have some evident wear and tear. Maybe even some of your sole is coming apart.

The worst part is that now because you are the old pair of shoes you will be worn in the rain, mud, sleet, and snow without so much as a thought of the mud, grime, and grit you are going to be drudged through. Oh and when that walk through the icky-ness is over, you won’t get cleaned up. You’ll just be taken out next time the weather is bad to get more layers of dirt caked on.

Maybe as a reincarnated old shoe you can pull the sock trick and disappear somehow. I hear your average Washer and Dryer can help with socks on that matter, maybe they can do it with shoes too.

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