Thursday, February 25, 2010

26 Totally Random things that may or may not relate to me specifically

Before I start the list I would just like to express my discontent with Facebook at the moment

*/RAWR @ Facebook*


1. I am OCD and damn proud of it. That + confidence has gotten me to a good place in my life. My current obsessions include:


GACKT - 雪月花 - The end of silence -

Le Ciel Mana cosplay

2. I can't even predict how I will act sometimes. Sometimes I feel like Agent smith and others I feel like the Tin Man.

3. I've always been the odd ball out, though I never noticed it... until it was pointed out.

4. Being me, makes me happy. So thats what I do.

5. I've always been attracted to men in dresses and makeup... I don't know why (and when I say attracted.... I mean like magnets.... or like condensation to a cool coke can. It just happens - nothing special about it - fact of life)

6. I try to be great at many things, but am glad that I at least end up good at most of them.

7. Yes, I am 25 and I still play dress up, have sleep-overs, and play with dolls.

8. Sometimes I wish I could trade my drawing talent for singing talent. Though, my drawing talent has been more profitable than a singing one ever would.

9. I love to cosplay at conventions and get attention for it, but I have awful stage fright.

10. I think about various people very often, and I wish I were a strong/diligent enough person to let them know (Pat, Elden, Yaya, Pam, Jeromy, Mom, Dad, Bambi, Jesse C, Jesse H, Margy....)

11. I'm stubborn.

12. I want rainbow hair and blue eyes.

13. Though, I am determined to get down to around a size 4-6, I do not think I am fat.

14. I think this list is really hard.... and feel kind of narcissistic in writing it. But maybe that is evident in all my YouTube videos and Blog entries?

15. I always stood fine on my own, not a care if anyone else was similar or if anyone cared. Then I wanted to find someone who cared about my quirks, thats when the pain started.

16. Gackt can do anything, except dance.

17. I wish more people knew and loved themselves better, the planet would resonate happiness then.

18. I am always scared to be the real me in front of others. I have worked past this and have found that I tend to inspire people, instead of scare them. I think this is a beautiful thing.

19. Kitty ears rock

20. This was a special moment to me.
Sakura Con 2008 - Saturday - 071

21. I take pictures and video because I have a bad memory. I re-watch them often.

22. I will buzz cut my hair one day, just for the experience.

23. I felt like the most beautiful woman on earth this day. I thought I had found happiness
Ashley-Portrait-2009 - 132

24. Hearts are very important to me
Ashley-Portrait-2009 - 091

25. My Photostories have hidden meaning and I'm not telling.

26. This one is because I always have to do more...

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Friday, February 19, 2010

It's been a while! (Aibo, BJD's, cosplay, life)

Its been quite a while since I last blogged! I don't know how many people actually pay attention to this blog.... but for those that do.. Sorry its been so long!

I've had alot of things going on lately... I have been putting ALOT of work into my Mana costume for Sakura Con. there are a chain of videos showing its progress on my YouTube playlist for it (See below)

I can't wait to order the makeup I need for this and other costumes. Its so unique!

I love the cute little part with Mana at 1:19 XD I have to work this into Sakuracon somehow!

I really want to get my Mana costume done before my Mom and Best Friend come into town for a visit next month!

 I also have gotten back into  researching a hobby I had wanted to get into for years... but it was always toooooo expensive... Sony Aibo. The ERS-7 Mind3 to be exact. The Wiki for it can be found here. I've always wanted one because they are soooo darn cute and programmable. Maybe this would fuel my interest to become a programmer (make me at least expose myself to experience it) what can I say? He's the perfect music/email enabled pet! He doesn't even poop!

(But he does "pee" !!! See below)

This is a video for an auction, but it is a pretty good review of what it can do for those who don't want to read the wiki

This is an original commercial from 2003 for the Mind1 model (the one I want can talk!)

An awesome trick the Aibo can do! (I was amazed when he made it past the obstacle....)

Aibo performs to a typwriting song! (Some programing fun!)

A gorgeous song performed by Aibo! (Great job on the programing, lip synching and video editing!)

I was watching an auction for a beautiful Black ERS-7 Mind3 aibo here even though he seems to be missing his box, part of the charging dock, and pink aibo ball. I was quite excited as it started out at $500 and stayed that way for about 2 days..... now it has gone WAY past my current available funds for this wonderful gizmo. Oh well! I'm just gonna have to save up ^^ Congrats to the lucky winner!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

time to start carrying a sketchbook again

I think I will start bringing a sketchbook with me.....
Le Ciel Live Mana - 1
I have found too often that I have spare time and would actually like to doodle. (whether something nice will result is to be seen) Typically this want to draw is from a need to not fall asleep or to keep me from going insane from boredom + a dash of want to draw.


is it 5pm yet?


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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I started the Rod Diet yesterday!


Upon awakening, you have to choose between two exercises.
1.    Scissor leg lifts
Do it like the video only you don’t let your heels touch the ground an you do the motion continuous for three to five minutes.
2.    Or you will need to run stairs for five minutes.
Either way you have to get metabolism going straight off even if it is just 5 minutes.  As you advance you will be able to skip morning routine exercises.  But in the beginning it’s the fastest way to get weight burning and prep your body to burn fat.

Either a Banana or apple or both.  If hungry eat both.  You have to eat breakfast.  Oatmeal is acceptable with an apple for diversity.  The banana is best.  No coffee.  Black tea.  It is proven that it has the same amount of caffeine and has an added benefit of actually bringing metabolism up.
Multivitamin is to be taken after breakfast.  It goes without saying water is the best and only liquid outside apple or cranberry juice.  No orange juice or soft drinks.

Half a cup to a full cup of raw vegetables.  It does not matter if it is carrots celery, bean broccoli or even lettuce.  I would make it bite size and it is to be raw and unprocessed.  This will force your body to work to process the nutrition and in turn will give you fiber and fill your stomach as well.

Prior to lunch Take stairs to the third floor twice. Every third day add 1 extra trip.
This will get your body ready to accept food.  It will get the furnace ready to process. 

Eat anything that does not contain bread, white sauce, pasta or gravy.

Yogurt, low calorie cheese sticks, apple, orange, or genuine energy bar i.e. Cliff, slim fast, etc.  This will give you energy in the short term and keep you burning fat.

Pre dinner.  10 to 20 minutes of exercise.  Stretching, standing squats
Leg lifts or anything that makes you feel comfortable.  Use a timer on your phone and have no other distractions occurring.  This will get your furnace going for the night.

Eat whatever you want except processed sugar.  After dinner have another vitamin.
You do this for three weeks and you will lose massive weight.

Rinse, Wash, Repeat

So I started this yesterday and it really isn't that bad!

I had already begun weening myself off of additive sugars two weeks before (and its gone well!) The hardest part so far for me is the no coffee. I like the taste of coffee with lots of creamer and a spoon of sugar, but its a lot easier to be strong and resist it now that I am also trying to get to sleep at a more decent time and feel more rested. 

I'm kind of embarrassed about the whole thing as I've never had to diet before (I weighted a gorgeous 118 when I was in high school/early college). I am not fat, and don't think I look bad. But I do want to get back to bombshell status. I will be healthier, feel better, and be able to cosplay more of the characters I want to cosplay.

I do not know what I weighed the day before I started my diet, but I do know my  measurement around my stomach at my belly button was 39". On the morning of Day 2 I measured my stomach and it was at 37" (there are a lot of factors that could play into this, water weight, time of the month, etc)

I also wanted to add that I am feeling a lot better today than I have in a while.

Now, here is Mana X Gackt silliness. ^_^

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