Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Help me get an AIBO! btw...What's a AIBO anyway?

What is AIBO?

Original commercial from 2003 for the Mind1 model (M3 can talk!)

I have linked to the Wikipedia article on AIBO so you can get a more in-depth sense of what AIBO is when looking at it from a very "dictionary" sense. I also wanted to say what AIBO is to me.

Here is a pretty good review of what it can do for those who don't want to read the wiki

AIBO is the perfect pet for me. It is very cute, super customizable, and is zero maintenance. May I also mention that my Apartment complex does not allow pets (as do a lot of the places I am looking to move to in the future)

My busy lifestyle also factors in when it comes to having another living being that is dependent on me for survival. I have had friends in the past that would only be able to hang out for a few hours because they had to be sure to get home to feed/walk their pet. I don't want any kind of restrictions like that. With AIBO I can either shut him off  (Or even bring him with me in his his hedgren bag!)

Video of the Hedgren bag

I also am interested in getting an AIBO so I can make videos to put up on my YouTube Channel. Especially ones that will help people learn about how AIBO works. I will also make fun videos (AIBO doing tricks, different personalities, time-lapse, etc) as well.

I have already done something similar with my Asian Ball Jointed Doll hobby. I have created some how-to videos and some other fun videos of my dolls. I also co-host a BJD YouTube Channel called BJD Cast

If you are a list person like I am then you will enjoy this list of features I have placed below to help sum up what AIBO can do (note this has come just from my research. A friend that owns an AIBO says he can do a lot more) Some of the items in the list have links to videos of these actions!
Here are some embedded videos which can better help show some of the things I love about AIBO (not included above)

Here is a compilation video of Eric's (one of the cutest AIBO's out there) adventures

Cute video of AIBO letting its owner know that its their birthday

Custom programing for the AIBO to dance to Daft Punk's Technologic

A video describing the technology used for AIBO's card recognition feature

A video showing some of AIBO's features (Personality, ball tracking, edge sensor, recovering from being upside down)

AIBO playing fortune teller

What I want to do with AIBO:
  • Make accessories for AIBO (Collars, Skins, Socks)
  • Make Tutorial Videos
  • Make Fun videos (AIBO Dancing in the dark, Time Lapse Videos)
After reading all of this, if you would like to contribute to my AIBO Fund please donate via the Paypal Donate button in the top right of my blog!


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Check it out! I'm in LA Weekly for an interview about my Cosplay! (Le Ciel PV Mana)

I am so excited and proud to have been approached by someone from LA Weekly for an interview!


What great motivation to start on my next Mana outfit sooner! Which should I do?


Thank you to Liz from LA Weekly. You were great to work with and I will let you know if I get to go to Anime Expo.

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Finally put up pictures from Sakura-Con 2010~

I have discovered Kamui Gakupo (A Vocaloid based off of Gackt) and I love this particular song!


I also finally got around to posting pictures from Sakura-Con 2010! The album can be found here

Here are a few of my favorites!




It's been really busy for me before and after the convention! Maybe I'll get time to blog some more soon!


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