Friday, January 22, 2010

Euclase shipping battle 3.0 - Larry vs Ashley

I feel Trybbl's pain. This is how I feel.
BJD-Trybbl-With Stuff - 18

I really don't want to call Larry today.
I want Larry to call me with good news.

I don't want to get angry and flustered with what he will probably not be able to tell me. I don't want to yell, bicker, or argue. I don't like being angry and I try so VERY hard to never get that way.

I keep hoping he will magically show up..... I think I will wait until the first mail delivery has gone through..... then if there is no package I will call.

I at least want to know whats going on, what Larry has done to try to find him. What road stops he's running into. What I can do to help. Who I can call. Should I call someone else.....

Of all the packages to get stuck in limbo. Sure I have insurance on him.... but I don't want to deal with the red tape involved nor do really want my money back. I want my Euclase. He is really rare (Especially in the complete fullset form - MD parts never even been taken out) and I highly doubt I could ever get him again like this.

I'm so disgusted I only ate like 4 bites of my lasagna for lunch.

Ashley-BJD-Arrival-Trybbl - 48

Much <3 for Awtan.

He works with shipping stuff and so he called Larry for me.

So now things are in the flow..... I just need to get the shipping invoice faxed to him (which I am waiting on the seller for)

*crosses fingers that the seller still has it and is able to get it to me or Larry quickly*

Well at least by Monday. Its too late now....
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Euclase shipping battle 2.0 - Larry vs Ashley

I have been in a battle to find out where my SOOM MD Euclase is. Its been in limbo for 6 days now. The story till now can be found here in my blog from yesterday: The long road to Euclase - stuck in customs

I also found out from the shipper that they did mark it as a Resin Doll, so that makes me feel much better about there hopefully not being any fees. Though.... they are not willing at this point to put in a claim with the Canadian Post....I will continue to see what I can find from Larry.

So I have called Larry this morning and he didn't even talk to me. It's ok. He will hear from me later today. I taped it, so take a look (At least the lady was pleasant... I guess.... I try to look at the bright side of things)

7:42am PST January 21 2010
Got to speak with Larry.

He says he is still looking and that he has my phone number (though he read it to me incorrectly the first go-around)


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The long road to Euclase - stuck in customs

I am so very glad that I REALLY REALLY want this doll because this purchase is really trying my patience.

The Seller left his wig on his head, which stained his head (this is really an honest mistake. Its not as though she dropped him or did something intentionally bad to him). Again, this is an honest mistake and was not intentional so I am not upset with the seller. The staining itself is just frustrating.

The paypal fees.... Seller wanted me to pay the money for him as a gift so there would be no fees. NO WAY! Then I wouldn't have any kind of backing from them if things went bad. And when I refused they said I would have to pay the fees. Whatever, I just paid them for my peace of mind (it was only like 50 bucks) I think Sellers should absorb these fees as they are the one profiting from the transaction (monetarily).

I also am kind of irked by the fact that he was not shipped when promised. The seller knew for over a month the exact day he would be paid off so he could be shipped immediately.(I paid him off a few minutes after 12:00am on Friday so she would have the money and could ship Friday) I had requested he be packed up and ready to go so he could be shipped asap. He was not shipped until the following MONDAY! (to which they said that it would have been the same as them shipping him on Saturday) I highly doubt this, and he should have shipped Friday. No one ended up sick or in the hospital. She should have planned to have him shipped friday as we agreed. A month is enough time to plan such.

*sigh* now he arrived at the import center in Chicago on the 14th (tracking didnt update till the 17th!) and he has been there with no updates (Today is the 20th) so I call USPS and they say they *think* he is in customs and if it doest update by the weekend then ask the seller to put in an inquiry. I email the seller letting them know whats going on. Then I decide to do my own research and finally find how to contact Customs at that facility.

I speak with a woman at customs who was able to confirm that Karma(Euclase) is there and it *seems* as though he is being held because of fees. She asked for me to call back in an hour and the guy with the answers will be there.

I have NEVER been charged any fees for any of my dolls ever. Hopefully she was saying so just because of his insured value and was surprised that he is a doll. Either way I hope she is wrong. I am really hoping for that poor customs man's sake and the seller's sake that there are not fees. IF there are its probably because the seller marked the package incorrectly and she WILL pay those fees(I shouldn't pay for her mistakes).

15 minutes to go until the customs man hopefully makes my day.....

/hope on
And now I've spoke with Larry, who was very helpful and he is going to "call me back". Please be a decent man Larry. lol

I was under the impression that the lady I spoke with previously had actually checked to see if my package was there.... and it seems she did not as Larry seemed kind of confused.

Please have good news for me Larry

/hope +3
So it turns out Larry sucks. He left for the day already and did not call me back.

I called back at 12:30 (gave him an hour and a half to research AFTER he had already gotten back from lunch). and he had left for the day (It is 2:30 central time). Officer Norman failed to transfer me to Larry's voicemail twice. Finally I got out of her that Larry had left for the day, and that no one else there could help me find out information on my package. He was the only one with access. She took my name, number, and tracking number and would leave a message with him. She did let me know he comes in at 6am tomorrow.

Guess who is getting a prompt call from me tomorrow morning.

Larry will help me, or he will hate me. Its his choice (lol)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Made a list of dolls I want =^_^=

SOOM - Bygg Fullset - $694


SOOM - Amber Basic - $790


SOOM - Saiph Boy - $705 

Dollmore - Model Doll - Lingerie III : Lisa Rubik - LE50 - $570 (*Disclaimer* I love her for her face*)


Dollmore - Glamor Model Doll - Snake Kiss : Nayuta - LE10 - $792 

Dollmore – Lusion Black Dahlia - $1642 

Dollmore - Elf Elly Boy - Banji (Violet Hair) - $174


Fairyland – Pukipuki – Pongpong – Natural Skin – Sleeping Face, All Makeup - $218">Fairyland – A-Line Minifee, Shushu, NS, Girl, Small bust, cutie legs, #2 hands, SP Head, no Makeup- $389

Fairyland – A-Line Minifee, Shiwoo, NS, Boy, Muscle Body, #2 hands, SP Head, no Makeup - $389 


Fairyland – A-Line Minifee, Lishe, WS, Boy, Muscle Body, #2 hands, SP Head, no Makeup - $389 

Fairyland - Feeple – Riff – Full Package – Beautiful White, SP Head, Makeup - $770 

Fairyland - Feeple – Rona – Full Package – Beautiful White, SP Head, Makeup - $800


LUTS – Delf – SS El – Makeup 2EA + Type3 – White - $580

LUTS – Delf – SS El – Makeup 2EA + Type3 – Normal - $580

LUTS – Delf – SS Lishe – Makeup 2EA + New Type – Normal - $450


LUTS – Delf – SS Shiwoo – Makeup 2EA + Type3 – White - $580


LUTS – Senior Delf – Annette – Real Skin Normal – with Makeup $500

Spirit Doll – Firson – White Skin - $488 (For my Vampire Hunter D)_

Resinsoul – Mei – Blue - $152

Resinsoul – Fei – Blue - $152

Crobidoll – Ys B type, faceup - $625

DIM, Happy Body - $228 (For Miyavi)

Souldoll - Tarot card - 2 High Priestess CELINA (with all extras)- $1033

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A new Mana has begun: Malice Mizer Le Ciel PV Mana


Source for cosplay (Guy with blue hair that shows up at 1:26):

Gah, where to begin with this cosplay? what I have, or what I am missing?

~~~~Things I have~~~~
HOOP SKIRT (bought locally)

FEATHER FAN (for those talking moments and when I cant help but laugh/smile)

~~~~What I have found~~~~
FEATHERS of various needed types

3' x strung feather base-white
~120 8"-10" Coque feathers

18" (300 feathers) stripped Coque feathers-white

~60 Goose Biots-white
 ~60 Goose Biots-blue (I will dye these)

24" (400 feathers) stripped Coque feathers-blue
2 x Medium Ostrich Plume-Blue Specialty Ostrich Nodu- - Blue

3 x Medium Ostrich Plume-White Specialty Ostrich Nodu- - White

OUTFIT TOP (to modify)

This is only a possibility. I have some shaping up to do to wear this. But it fits soooo well....

CRINOLINE (If needed)


First Choice Wig in blue of course. expensive, but will be worth it

A secondary choice for a wig would be:

~~~~Things I still need~~~~
Ribbon (For legs, head band, and hair wrapping)
White face makeup
Blue contacts (this is a maybe)
Face Jewels
White fake flower/bead things

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time to get some stuff done!

So It is a new year! Happy New Year everyone.

I never really get the whole "New Years Resolution" thing that a lot of people feign at. I have decided that I am going to set goals for myself but they aren't going to be the un-atainable kind like a lot of people set for themselves.

I've been doing my first goal for the past two days and its worked great.

I have this thing where I am very excited once I get off work to be off work and have a chance to do so many of the things I want to do, but by they time I get home after probably missing the bus, waiting outside in the cold or rain for an extra 20 minutes or so, riding the bus home for about 30 minutes, walking home for another 15, and finally getting in the door - All I'm motivated to do is *maybe* eat and sleep or watch a movie. One week I felt like a total Grandma, I was going to sleep at like 7:30 or so but I never yawned, that was a surreal experience. lol It was nice to not be tired during the day, but sucked just knowing I had pretty much worked and slept.

Anyway, the past two days I have set a goal for me to accomplish after work, and I've actually gotten them done! The goals were simple dishes(which I had a lot of T_T) and laundry (a lot of that too) but still. I'm generally un-motivated, set a goal for myself, and got it done. I'm proud of my squeaky clean closet (and bedroom floor lol) and kitchen!

I haven't thought of a goal for tonight, though I know for sure I will be constantly checking my bank account to see if my paycheck has cleared so I can payoff Euclase! (YAY!!!)

I also have FINALLY found someone who can make the perfect outfit for Camui (I didn't like the SOOM default one) They are a seller on DoA and their selling post is located here
Their prices are very reasonable but I haven't quite decided which one I will get for him, but am thinking I will get a few of the ones below:








These are from a different producer, but same thread




I also will probably get the one below for Elipses

But then again, I think of my urgent want to move, and need to save so I dont know if I will make any of the purchases. We will see.

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