Friday, January 22, 2010

Euclase shipping battle 3.0 - Larry vs Ashley

I feel Trybbl's pain. This is how I feel.
BJD-Trybbl-With Stuff - 18

I really don't want to call Larry today.
I want Larry to call me with good news.

I don't want to get angry and flustered with what he will probably not be able to tell me. I don't want to yell, bicker, or argue. I don't like being angry and I try so VERY hard to never get that way.

I keep hoping he will magically show up..... I think I will wait until the first mail delivery has gone through..... then if there is no package I will call.

I at least want to know whats going on, what Larry has done to try to find him. What road stops he's running into. What I can do to help. Who I can call. Should I call someone else.....

Of all the packages to get stuck in limbo. Sure I have insurance on him.... but I don't want to deal with the red tape involved nor do really want my money back. I want my Euclase. He is really rare (Especially in the complete fullset form - MD parts never even been taken out) and I highly doubt I could ever get him again like this.

I'm so disgusted I only ate like 4 bites of my lasagna for lunch.

Ashley-BJD-Arrival-Trybbl - 48

Much <3 for Awtan.

He works with shipping stuff and so he called Larry for me.

So now things are in the flow..... I just need to get the shipping invoice faxed to him (which I am waiting on the seller for)

*crosses fingers that the seller still has it and is able to get it to me or Larry quickly*

Well at least by Monday. Its too late now....
 ( 1522V) ~>( 1562V)

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