Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A new Mana has begun: Malice Mizer Le Ciel PV Mana


Source for cosplay (Guy with blue hair that shows up at 1:26):

Gah, where to begin with this cosplay? what I have, or what I am missing?

~~~~Things I have~~~~
HOOP SKIRT (bought locally)

FEATHER FAN (for those talking moments and when I cant help but laugh/smile)

~~~~What I have found~~~~
FEATHERS of various needed types

3' x strung feather base-white
~120 8"-10" Coque feathers

18" (300 feathers) stripped Coque feathers-white

~60 Goose Biots-white
 ~60 Goose Biots-blue (I will dye these)

24" (400 feathers) stripped Coque feathers-blue
2 x Medium Ostrich Plume-Blue Specialty Ostrich Nodu- - Blue

3 x Medium Ostrich Plume-White Specialty Ostrich Nodu- - White

OUTFIT TOP (to modify)

This is only a possibility. I have some shaping up to do to wear this. But it fits soooo well....

CRINOLINE (If needed)


First Choice Wig in blue of course. expensive, but will be worth it

A secondary choice for a wig would be:

~~~~Things I still need~~~~
Ribbon (For legs, head band, and hair wrapping)
White face makeup
Blue contacts (this is a maybe)
Face Jewels
White fake flower/bead things

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  1. Good one! Very well done with the post.

  2. I really like this one. Thank you so much for sharing.