Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Break - gotta stay focused

BJD-Photostory-Leeloo-2010-12-06-On and On - 21

I sit here with the first headache I've had in months and I'm overwhelmed by the amount of things I want to get done over the break.

I'm not sure if I'm more overwhelmed by the amount of tasks to be done, or my lack of physical motivation to do them. I know I will feel better if I do them, but taking that first step is so hard for me lately.

Things to accomplish:
  • Clean my Apartment and re-organize
  • buy new shoes as all of mine decided to be un-wearable at the same time
  • Paint Alpha (Minifee Scar Shiwoo)'s faceup - I'm thinking glitter.... mmm
  • Paint Pudding (Chris's cute Panda thing)
  • Blush Gaius (Minifee El)'s Body
  • Redo Leeloo (Minifee Shushu)'s Facup and body blushing
  • Paint Caprica (Minifee Lishe)'s heads (if his heads have creamed enough)
  • Get my Druid and Priest up to 85
  • Get iPhoto totally organized and Flickr up to date
  • Clean out extra space on laptop HDD

We'll see how much I've forgotten to put on my list and how much I'll get done.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photoshoot: Karma, Olden Days Lum/Gaius

So my internet went down last night... so that left me to play with my camera as entertainment (Yay!)
The Full Karma shoot can be found here, but here are a few of my favorites.

BJD-Karma - 1

BJD-Karma - 2

The Full Lum/Gaius shoot can be found here, but here are a few of my favorites.

BJD-Group-Gaius and Lum-Black and White Courting - 08

BJD-Group-Gaius and Lum-Black and White Courting - 03

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Camera and Holiday BJD Meet!

so... I was going to move but a lot of factors all at once piled up and made me decide not to move quite yet. I think I suddenly had a slightly irrational urge to so I could completely get away from a part of my past.

I decided to get a camera instead and it has been amazing. I also re-organized my Apartment into a much more useful and open layout. Waffles has a space now too so he can get off his station =)

I ended up getting a Canon 60D with a Canon 50mm prime 1.8 lens (plus a bag, memory cards, UV filter...) and man is it amazing! I have a lot of learning to do on it... but I think I did pretty good today at the Federal Way holiday doll meet. Especially for not having played with a DSLR properly in years. All these images have zero post editing done to them. The full album can be found here, but I also picked out a few of my favorites to share below.

These pictures are from a Ball Jointed Doll meet-up we had today in Federal Way. This was one of the funnest meets I've been to in a while. I like that everyone really mingled and we ended up in a big pow wow circle again like at the Halloween meet. I also found out a lot of people read my photostories that I didn't realize. Hehehe - makes me even more determined to up my photo skills!

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 01

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 03

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 05

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 09

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 10

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 13

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 14
Gaius was missing Lum =(

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 15

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 17

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 21

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 26

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 36

BJD-Meetup-2010-12-12-Holiday Meet - 31

Now time to RTFM and do some more research so I can improve mah skills!


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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Though there's pain - I still wish you the best

It doesn't fit exactly and don't take it too seriously
It's not about money

- but hey its catchy! -

and its my jam at the moment


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

* A chapter over - Time to start a new *

Well I've finally gotten resolution to almost 10 years of pain sprinkled with happiness. Many different factors have brought this to a fruition.

I'm not going to stand by to be picked up to only the thrown to the wayside again. I honestly feel sorry for my predecessor, the other thrown away flower that is feeble enough to not stand on their own and refuse to be abused more. I stand for more than that. I'm worth more than that.
BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 11
I might not be everyone's ideal and may not waver and bend to others wants when they clash with my own opinions but everyone has a right to the way they feel. Compromise is right in the correct situation. What one wants out of life is not one of them.
BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 15
I'm done.
I'm just so done with it all.

I've got to purge this negativity.
Positive thoughts bring positive results

Once again I'm strengthened and believe in me.
Hold my hands and hug me friends. I'll need it.
BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 14
I'll find you love - I just know it.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A shadow of dream and reality

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 01

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 02
tried so hard

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 03
Have you made it yet?

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 04

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 05

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 06
Me, Myself,  and I. 
 None Else

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 07
In the end.... it doesn't even matter

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 08
not that you knew me back then, but it all comes back to me in the end

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 09

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 10
a shadow of dream and reality. Neither are true or matter in the end. The end of dreaming

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 11

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 12
It's cold, can't I see?

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 13

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 14
taking comfort

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 15
sick of it

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 16

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 17
a place for my head

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 18

BJD-Photostory-2010-11-30-however they may - 19

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Dollie fun photos

Here are some of the pictures I took over the Thanksgiving holiday. Not too bad for a few lamps, paper, and a partially borked 5 year old Canon pocket camera, ne? Only cropping done on some photos- no other editing.

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 40
An extremely awesome photo of Yoshi(My Fairyland Minifee Karsh)

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 32
Yoshi(Fairyland Minifee Karsh) and Taka(Fairyland Minifee Juri08) together for the first time. Taka is borrowing Leeloo's body in this shoot. I'll get her a body some day...

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 35
A dance m'lady?

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 45

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 54
Leeloo enjoying herself for once.

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 52
She's starting to find happiness.

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 59
Lum and Gaius sending out the love

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 65

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 66

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 62
Lum beautiful as ever

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 60

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 61
Queen Pink

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 71

BJD-Meetup-2010-11-25-Thanksgiving Doll Fun - 67

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