Wednesday, December 1, 2010

* A chapter over - Time to start a new *

Well I've finally gotten resolution to almost 10 years of pain sprinkled with happiness. Many different factors have brought this to a fruition.

I'm not going to stand by to be picked up to only the thrown to the wayside again. I honestly feel sorry for my predecessor, the other thrown away flower that is feeble enough to not stand on their own and refuse to be abused more. I stand for more than that. I'm worth more than that.
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I might not be everyone's ideal and may not waver and bend to others wants when they clash with my own opinions but everyone has a right to the way they feel. Compromise is right in the correct situation. What one wants out of life is not one of them.
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I'm done.
I'm just so done with it all.

I've got to purge this negativity.
Positive thoughts bring positive results

Once again I'm strengthened and believe in me.
Hold my hands and hug me friends. I'll need it.
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I'll find you love - I just know it.

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