Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Break - gotta stay focused

BJD-Photostory-Leeloo-2010-12-06-On and On - 21

I sit here with the first headache I've had in months and I'm overwhelmed by the amount of things I want to get done over the break.

I'm not sure if I'm more overwhelmed by the amount of tasks to be done, or my lack of physical motivation to do them. I know I will feel better if I do them, but taking that first step is so hard for me lately.

Things to accomplish:
  • Clean my Apartment and re-organize
  • buy new shoes as all of mine decided to be un-wearable at the same time
  • Paint Alpha (Minifee Scar Shiwoo)'s faceup - I'm thinking glitter.... mmm
  • Paint Pudding (Chris's cute Panda thing)
  • Blush Gaius (Minifee El)'s Body
  • Redo Leeloo (Minifee Shushu)'s Facup and body blushing
  • Paint Caprica (Minifee Lishe)'s heads (if his heads have creamed enough)
  • Get my Druid and Priest up to 85
  • Get iPhoto totally organized and Flickr up to date
  • Clean out extra space on laptop HDD

We'll see how much I've forgotten to put on my list and how much I'll get done.

( 6776V) ~> ( 6935V)

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