Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yay for shipping dolls! (Iplehouse Ryan)

Ashley & Dolls-Gaius & Leeloo & Linnear & Trybbl - 3

Yay! More Darlings!

So, my Iplehouse Ryan is on the way! Hopefully I should get him Friday or Monday.

(Ordered) Iplehouse JID Ryan-Normal Skin B-Type Makeup + Mobility Joint

I was hoping to get my Heliot this month... but me thinks it will have to be mid next month. Maybe if I sold another painting or two....Anyone interested?

(Ordered) SOOM Heliot - God Master Full Set (Heads+Faceups, Outift, Wig, Bow, Wings, Wig, Eyes) (OUT OF PRINT since December 2008)

Man.... sometimes I feel like I am living someone else's life. I don't know quite how to explain it.
I see myself as this constant creative force, always into painting, daydreaming, customizing dolls, making photostories, organized, etc..... but I just haven't been doing that. (Well I did doodle some the other night)

I kinda feel like the real me is floating around me throwing etherial objects at me to try to get me back into the "groove" of things, but its just not working.

Maybe I shouldn't be quite so hard on myself. I was sick for about a week after I got back from Japan and my apartment became and un-organized whirlwind of my stuff from lack of having the energy to put stuff in the right place, find the "right" place for the things I brought back from Japan, and to just really do more than sleep a lot. lol

Anyway... onto a weekend of awesome. Meeting with old friends, doll friends, and relaxation.

Oh yea... and if any dolly people are reading this and have a Fullset Soom Euclase they want to sell... let me know ^_~


( 384V) ~~> ( 416V)

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