Sunday, June 29, 2008

A new adventure awaits me!

I'm so friggin Excited!! They are gonna regret giving me a white-board in my cube.

So I recently got a call from a friend who works at Siemens. He tells me that there is an opening working with the VP’s of Siemens and asks if I want to interview for the position. At the time I had a new job that could be pretty exciting, was a pay raise, got me out of the store and into the corporate Best Buy world. What did I have to loose by seeing what they had to offer?

So I went in for the interview and they liked me so much that they offered me the job the next day!!! I am so absolutely friggin excited! Thank you so very much for opening this door for me Thomas. Now I am not expecting all the clients to smell like roses and every day to be amazing, but I am excited about being able to walk from work, having my own cube (I can’t wait to decorate), getting an hour for lunch( well in all reality really getting a lunch instead of eating a sandwich in the car on the way to the next job...). The views are totally awesome! I took some pictures so here you go guys and gals that actually care!


Did you see Mt. Reineer in the pictures?

I’ll be sure to have photos of my decorated cube asap... *evil grin*

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I guess its normal to be scared.

Photo 43
Scared, but not like in the horror movies.

I’m not about to die from Cancer, I wasn’t in a car accident where I will be paralyzed for the rest of my life, I haven’t lost my job, I haven’t gone bankrupt, I am just scared.

I have had a very easy life, not much to complain about. I’ve been a healthy person even though the doctors said I would only live a couple of months, I’m fairly intelligent (at least thats what my GPA said), and I am proud of myself when I think about who I am.

I realize those are things that allot of people can’t truly say, and I am thankful that I can.

A large part of my life that was once stable has now lost its foundation, and that scares me to death. It is horrifying to think that you are standing on strong ground, and then to have an earthquake suddenly happen. There are always earthquakes, they are natural. The part that you don’t realize will happen is that the buildings affected by the earthquake may also fall.

This video I recorded has part of Imogen Heap/Frou Frou's song Psychobabble just seemed to fit me, my life, and my mood right now. I'm kinda bleh today, but I know it will get better. It has to. I have my family and friends.
Thank you's go out to Jamie, Pete, JP, Ronnie, Jeni, Gordon, Jeromy, Linnear

*Note 07-04-08*
This post is just a way for me to express my feelings that day. Everything is fine now. The top paragraph about cancer and whatnot is meant to be sarcastic, in that I really do not have anything to complain about comparatively (to those who have cancer, etc)

“It can’t rain all the time” <~ If you can tell me what movie this was from you get a cookie!

Free surprise for me in the Trash!!

Photo 14
Free Stuff = Uber Awesome

So I came home from a VERY long 12 hour day at work only to find a bunch of goodies for me sitting next to the trash area for our apartment building!

I have found that the people who live here make so much money that they frequently throw away perfectly good, and most times totally un-used items!

I found a bunch of brushes, paints, desk easel, stretched canvases, photo paper n stuff. Most of which had never even been used! Yay me!

Journal The Surprise when I got home! - The most popular videos are a click away

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well well well.... Journal-ness

BJD-Daiso-Food Accessories - 35
Drink Panda Shock!!!

Or not........

sorry I just thought this ‘soda’ I bought for Linnear is hillarious so I had to put that picture in.

So I taped a video journal a few minutes ago and uh yea and considering posting it.

Step away from the Youtube!

Should I leave YouTube?

So I am stuck in a little dillema! I think I want to start only hosting my videos at Metacafe (because you get paid for subscribers and views...) and have them on my website as well.

This also ties into me wanting to have a mailing list so I can let people know when I do significant updates to my site.
If interested in being on the mailing list send me an email

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 17

Convention Tour 2008-Day 10 - 100
I felt like this earlier

Well I am on my way home from my convention tour, man have I had a good time, but I will be glad to be home!

So I am uber glad that I re-packed everything yesterday! I wouldn’t of had time to today. I ended up being able to fit everything into my original big bag and another bag that I had packed (Thanks to Jesse!) So that those could be checked in and have my boy (which I decided to name him Lennir by the way) and laptop with me on the plane.

We got everything un-packed from the con into the Van successfully and then went to take Elden’s friends Julie and Sarah out for lunch before taking them to the Bus station, and us to the Airport. I had a yummy Country Steak with mushrooms ^_^. Julie and Sarah were pretty cool, I wish I had been able to spend more time with them.

Elden then dropped me off at the airport but in the wrong place!!!#$!@%#! lol It wasn’t his fault though, the signs said it was the correct place. I had to walk all the way from section 10 to 32. I was running in the BLAZING Texas heat with way too many bags almost hyperventilating (I felt like someone with asthma). I had all these people asking if I was alright and staring at me because of the bad wheezing I was doing, but I ended up getting checked in ok. The security people got a laugh out of Lennir. One old gentleman asked “Is it a boy?” I laughed and said yes.

My flight has a layover.... and I was looking at the wrong ticket for my gate number. When I got there I was very lucky that the airport gate numbers skipped that one gate only, lol. I asked a very nice old man to help me out and we figured out I looked at the wrong ticket. So I then got on the tram to go to the correct section to the airport. I then also noticed that my flight was for 20 minutes before the other flight.... so I got to my flight JUST on time.... *sigh* so lucky!! I also got an aisle seat... YAY. More room!

I sat next to two people from the convention, but they weren’t very interested in talking >.<

I was worried I would not make the connecting flight because it landed a minute after the departure time of my connecting flight and everyone was slow to get off!! Luckily my flight was at the terminal right next door and they were waiting for transfers from my plane. So I got on alright. I took out my sketchbook and started using my water brush to paint and one of the other passengers behind me noticed my painting and we had a nice chat. Her and another passenger took a look at my sketchbook and they really liked it. I gave the nice lady a card so hopefully she will read how pleasant my flight was because of her ^_^. My battery is almost dead... >.< and I cannot charge it on this plane. I have the adapter!!!! /cry