Sunday, June 29, 2008

A new adventure awaits me!

I'm so friggin Excited!! They are gonna regret giving me a white-board in my cube.

So I recently got a call from a friend who works at Siemens. He tells me that there is an opening working with the VP’s of Siemens and asks if I want to interview for the position. At the time I had a new job that could be pretty exciting, was a pay raise, got me out of the store and into the corporate Best Buy world. What did I have to loose by seeing what they had to offer?

So I went in for the interview and they liked me so much that they offered me the job the next day!!! I am so absolutely friggin excited! Thank you so very much for opening this door for me Thomas. Now I am not expecting all the clients to smell like roses and every day to be amazing, but I am excited about being able to walk from work, having my own cube (I can’t wait to decorate), getting an hour for lunch( well in all reality really getting a lunch instead of eating a sandwich in the car on the way to the next job...). The views are totally awesome! I took some pictures so here you go guys and gals that actually care!


Did you see Mt. Reineer in the pictures?

I’ll be sure to have photos of my decorated cube asap... *evil grin*

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