Monday, June 29, 2009

Some awesome videos I found while sorting stuffs

So sweet ^_^. I have a soft spot for Mario, especially Yoshi

Great Portal sound effect/music remix

Portal typography

Portal - Still Alive typography from Trickster on Vimeo.

How the Dragonball movie should have been done....

/end random fun links

Why does it always hurt?

Its the same as it every was, even the annoying things.
And yet somehow I miss it.

Why do I enjoy the times,
And yet end up sad.

Maybe I need it of my own,
a happiness all mine.

Something that won't make me sad.
Something New,
Something Shiny,
Something Inspiring,
Something Vivacious.
Something to Love and be Loved.

It really sucks sometimes.

Another weekend of Dolls, Old Friends, and Parades.

So I have had another great weekend. Lets start it with a cute video Alan sent me.

BJD-MeetUp-Space Needle - 08

I packed up all my travel drawing stuff, computer, and all three darlings with me and went to hang out under the needle after work. I was then joined by two friends from work. Thanks so much for coming out! I really did have a great time. After hanging at the needle doodlin' we went in search for a kaiten (conveyor belt sushi) and we found one right at the QFC on 5th called "Genki Sushi" Oh my GOD it was great! The atmosphere was wonderful..... the sushi (and its prices) were great. I will definitely have to check out their happy hour sometime. I do have a 10% off coupon for there... mmmm
BJD-MeetUp-Space Needle - 11

BJD-MeetUp-Space Needle - 13

BJD-MeetUp-Space Needle - 04
BJD-Meetup-Lakeview Cemetary - 46
I got up early and got some shopping done (bought two fabulously cute and comfy dresses (one was 1/2 off!!). Then I met up with a fellow doll enthusiast at Lakeview Cemetery and took some awesome shots of the darlings. Poor Linnear was left at home. He would have been quite out of place, as he would have been the only SD there. Not to mention how freakin heavy he is. We eventually made our way over to Volunteer Park and then decided to take pictures of us torturing Gaius with Pukis. He has quite the dis-taste for the cute little Pukis, meanwhile Leeloo was in heaven! She loves the cute little Pukis. Going to Volunteer Park made me really wish I lived near a real park instead of a stinky swamp.....Damn you Google and calling it a park......
BJD-Meetup-Lakeview Cemetary - 13
BJD-Meetup-Lakeview Cemetary - 14
BJD-Meetup-Lakeview Cemetary - 16
BJD-Meetup-Lakeview Cemetary - 39
After finally finding my way home (The busses in Capitol Hill area were all kindsa messed up because of the Rock festival (?). But I am glad people had fun, and I ended up finding a bus to get home so it was all good) I took a nap as the sun wore me out pretty bad. Then I decided to give Leeloo's legs and butt a good cleaning. I took her legs and lower torso (Butt) apart and used Acetone to clean off all the fabric dye (from Dollmore pants) and MSC. I'll have to re-spray her.

I got up early caught breakfast with a friend at the Athenian's at Pike's Market, saw some the Pride Parade, and headed home and got some photo uploading and cleaning done.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ready for the Butterflies

Sakura in Blue

Have you ever gotten that butterfly nervous, excited, happy, thrilled, scared feeling? Where you want something or want to do something so bad and yet you are scared to because it is too different, too risky. The feeling of failure, rejection, pain, disappointment makes you hesitate.

I am so ready to feel that wondrous feeling again, but I also too think I am lucky in that I don't become insta-smitten for the most part (Though I seem to have a soft spot for musicians /sigh). I don't think my heart could take falling in love and being disappointed all the time.

Bring on the mutual butterflies...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a great weekend! iPhone 3G S, New V-Kei fans, Dolls, Ladros, Doll stuff, and more dolls +Friends

Monday June 22 2009

What a great weekend! iPhone 3G S, New V-Kei fans, Dolls, Ladros, Doll stuff, and more dolls +Friends

BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 01

This weekend was really great! I even got to include Friday in my weekend, normally I don't do a whole lot on Friday nights.

Work on Friday wasn't too bad. The customers were decently pleasant, there was plenty of work to do without any major outages, got to go eat at Red Robin and watch as fry stonehenge was being built, and roped another soul into becoming a Visual Kei fan. *evil grin*

Spreading the Gackt, Mana, Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, Dir En Grey, Lareine, Versailles, Psycho le Cemu, Judy and Mary...... love is what its all about.

See the fry stonehenge attempt below...

I also upgraded to the new Phone 3G S. WIN!!! I can just see now...tons of videos on youtube ^_^ Speaking of which, I put a video of me opening my iPhone onto YouTube

I also found out that the custom Doll In Mind Miyavi head order that I joined has been shipped to the organizer! Soon I will have this guy below! YAY

BJD-DIM-Minime-MSD-Miyavi - 6

BJD-DIM-Minime-MSD-Miyavi - 1

I got to sleep in some, packed up the darlings and went to a Doll Meet at Oasis Tea. Pictures fromt he doll meet can be found here We had a blast and I hung out with other doll folk from 1 pm till 5:30 pm. Here I am with the mischief makers before leaving for the meet...
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 06

I also got to play with Chester, a Fairyland Pukipuki..... So DARN cute. Now I am hoping to buy one on the Den of Angels Marketplace for a great price! (this has since changed) I've never bought a doll before knowing their name (Except Linnear.... He was a great surprise. I wasn't expecting there to be BJD's for sale at Fanime)
Here is the break dancing Chester...
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 38

Such a magnetic personality!
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 33

So friggin cute!
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 30

Even Leeloo is roped into trying to get Gaius to help her double team me on getting a puki...
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 22

Shhhhhh... They are human watching...
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 42

BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 36

Sunday was a great day too. I got up and decided to see who wanted to hang out that day and Pam saved the day! She came over and we went and got some yummies from Panera Bread. I hear their frozen lemonade is great! Pam got Gaius a matching sleeping bag (Pam had gotten Leeloo one earlier)

Then we were gluttons and headed over to Ladros and got coffee XD. We love our coffee! I got a frozen mocha with mint... mmmmm. We then took a trip over to the international district where I was weak and bought some goodies for the darlings. I got them some more foodstuffs and a chibi Ryuk figurine (There is a photo story of his arrival on my photostory blog here Then we headed back to my place and got to play with al the new goodies! It was nice to be able to play with my BJD's with someone else ^_^ Thanks for a great day Pam. I was still dreaming of Puki's that day and couldn't sleep until like 4am. I was looking at Pukis online XD

I was late for work T_T. I normally have two alarms set and had woken up to the first alarm, went back to sleep, woke up to the second alarm... thinking it was my first alarm and went to sleep again. I then woke up like 5 minutes after I was already supposed to be at work..... I ended up getting to work an hour and a half later... Stupid alarm! Stupid buses! So I will be staying late at work to get the time made up... I stayed 30 minutes today.

I did have some good stuff happen though! I have had enough axillary money coming in to have been able to get my puki ^_^ I bought a NS Pukipuki piki + Sleeping Piki face + Pukisha face (all with company face-ups) + Puki Body + 7 sets of clothes + Mittens + BW pukisha set + Pukipuki box for a great deal! Can't wait for my little Puki to get here!

I cant wait till my little Puki Piki's cute butt gets here.
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 56

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good things all around

Good Things All Around
Whenz Miyavi-Kun going to get here?

Good thing #1
I was afraid that I would not be getting my iPhone which I pre-ordered today(on launch date). What's the point of Pre-Ordering if you do no get the item on launch? BUT according to the tracking information I will be getting my white 32Gb iPhone 3G S. Woo! There will be sooo many more videos on youtube, especially ones from my bussing adventures.
*/Caveat* UPS sucks.... My work has a mail center.... I gave UPS the address of my building... EVERY other courier has been able to get my shipment to me fine using that address.... they can make sense of it.... but evidently that is too hard for them to do so I have to pickup my iPhone tonight between 7-8 in SODO. */end Caveat* At least Oren is giving me a ride down to SODO ^_^


Good thing#2
BJD-DIM-Minime-MSD-Miyavi - 1
I just got a notification that my custom ordered Doll In Mind MSD NS Miyavi head has shipped from Korea to the organizer of the group order. After the organizer gets it, they will ship mine to me. I'm curious if he will fit on Gaius's body and how the resin colors will match.

Good thing #3
Wanna go fishin'?
I think I have at least started to get over some semi-recent events that have had me in somewhat of an unmotivated slump. It was good to get out of the house, play outside, and spend some time doing a photo-shoot with my dolls (Which I really enjoy doing) yesterday. You just have to take the punches of disappointment and keep going on, move on and make your future. Hopefully these recent events will bloom like a flower in spring.

Sakura in Blue

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dream Shopping while at lunch

Why do I torture myself so? I'm on lunch eating my turkey sammich like normal and I boredly look around the internet for all the gadgets I want. Why do I have to have such expensive tastes? So these aren't really in any order, other than my little blurb about the Tiny BJD I want to buy.

Tiny BJD:
If you had asked me when I first found BJD's and up till a few months ago I would have told you I would never want a tiny bjd because they were all so stumpy and ugly. Well I have found a set of Tinies that would fit the role of a BJD for Leeloo (they would look like she has an SD sized BJD of her own) and they are not stumpy looking.

I did some research and found a few that would work...

a Notdollab NDLC Lucy
Shopping-Notdollab-NDLC Lucy

a Doll & Doll 3/4 Heart Bono

a Dollmore Elf Elly Banji Boy

I am pretty sure I want to get the Dollmore Elf Elly Banji boy along with some clothes for him.
Black Pants
Striped T-Shirt


The other Doll I want to get is a Luts Delf Shine. He would be along the same lines of size as Linnear (An SD sized doll). I have been drooling over this guy for a while, and I like El as well.... but Gaius already has an "El" head so I figured I would go for a different mold. You can see this beautiful guy below. He is one of the few dolls I would get the default face-up for.... I just love it.

I would really also love to have a 12 wx Cintiq to be able to draw with.

No matter how much I like my pocket Camera, it just cant get all the shots I want.... so eventually I think I will get a DSLR. I am still in the VERY early stages of research for this item... but I am pretty sure I would get one from Canon. The one below looks pretty nice. I love the newly added on HD video feature.
shopping-EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dreaming of remembering the future while awake (yea... Im like WTF too)

Gum Heart
I was walking home to my apartment just listening to music and Gackt started playing (my iPhone was on random) and then I had this crazy deja vu feeling of a memory.

I felt like I was a future version of me remembering my future self's past when I met my love.(even though that is my current future. Confusing, huh?)

For some reason I was listening to Gackt out loud and was in some kind of public place. Maybe a mall or just in a big city outside. This person walked up to me and commented on how they really loved the song playing by Gackt and I was washed over with this immense feeling of joy, love, happiness, and peace. It was quite sublime.

The craziest part for me was the odd feeling of what time I was in, and what time the memory took place.

P.S. I can't stop listening to the song below.

Another BJD that I want: Banji Boy

So I would have told you in the past that I never ever would have wanted a Tiny BJD..... but I have found myself growing fond of the Banji boy that Dollmore has now. He would be a good sized BJD for Leeloo!
Banji boy
Here is a Banji as show with a Minifee(for size reference)
Banji and Minifee
Here is some more size reference....Counting from the left... Banji is 1st and Minifee is 6th
1 banji 6 minifee

Friday, June 5, 2009

too much lately

I am so tired of ONLY being contacted when someone needs something from me (And there is no kind of compensation)......

This has happened too much lately and its very tiresome.

/end bitch

Ok feel better now and to end on a good note. Thank you to all those who say random hello's and how are you's.