Friday, June 19, 2009

Good things all around

Good Things All Around
Whenz Miyavi-Kun going to get here?

Good thing #1
I was afraid that I would not be getting my iPhone which I pre-ordered today(on launch date). What's the point of Pre-Ordering if you do no get the item on launch? BUT according to the tracking information I will be getting my white 32Gb iPhone 3G S. Woo! There will be sooo many more videos on youtube, especially ones from my bussing adventures.
*/Caveat* UPS sucks.... My work has a mail center.... I gave UPS the address of my building... EVERY other courier has been able to get my shipment to me fine using that address.... they can make sense of it.... but evidently that is too hard for them to do so I have to pickup my iPhone tonight between 7-8 in SODO. */end Caveat* At least Oren is giving me a ride down to SODO ^_^


Good thing#2
BJD-DIM-Minime-MSD-Miyavi - 1
I just got a notification that my custom ordered Doll In Mind MSD NS Miyavi head has shipped from Korea to the organizer of the group order. After the organizer gets it, they will ship mine to me. I'm curious if he will fit on Gaius's body and how the resin colors will match.

Good thing #3
Wanna go fishin'?
I think I have at least started to get over some semi-recent events that have had me in somewhat of an unmotivated slump. It was good to get out of the house, play outside, and spend some time doing a photo-shoot with my dolls (Which I really enjoy doing) yesterday. You just have to take the punches of disappointment and keep going on, move on and make your future. Hopefully these recent events will bloom like a flower in spring.

Sakura in Blue

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