Friday, June 12, 2009

Dream Shopping while at lunch

Why do I torture myself so? I'm on lunch eating my turkey sammich like normal and I boredly look around the internet for all the gadgets I want. Why do I have to have such expensive tastes? So these aren't really in any order, other than my little blurb about the Tiny BJD I want to buy.

Tiny BJD:
If you had asked me when I first found BJD's and up till a few months ago I would have told you I would never want a tiny bjd because they were all so stumpy and ugly. Well I have found a set of Tinies that would fit the role of a BJD for Leeloo (they would look like she has an SD sized BJD of her own) and they are not stumpy looking.

I did some research and found a few that would work...

a Notdollab NDLC Lucy
Shopping-Notdollab-NDLC Lucy

a Doll & Doll 3/4 Heart Bono

a Dollmore Elf Elly Banji Boy

I am pretty sure I want to get the Dollmore Elf Elly Banji boy along with some clothes for him.
Black Pants
Striped T-Shirt


The other Doll I want to get is a Luts Delf Shine. He would be along the same lines of size as Linnear (An SD sized doll). I have been drooling over this guy for a while, and I like El as well.... but Gaius already has an "El" head so I figured I would go for a different mold. You can see this beautiful guy below. He is one of the few dolls I would get the default face-up for.... I just love it.

I would really also love to have a 12 wx Cintiq to be able to draw with.

No matter how much I like my pocket Camera, it just cant get all the shots I want.... so eventually I think I will get a DSLR. I am still in the VERY early stages of research for this item... but I am pretty sure I would get one from Canon. The one below looks pretty nice. I love the newly added on HD video feature.
shopping-EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit

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