Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a great weekend! iPhone 3G S, New V-Kei fans, Dolls, Ladros, Doll stuff, and more dolls +Friends

Monday June 22 2009

What a great weekend! iPhone 3G S, New V-Kei fans, Dolls, Ladros, Doll stuff, and more dolls +Friends

BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 01

This weekend was really great! I even got to include Friday in my weekend, normally I don't do a whole lot on Friday nights.

Work on Friday wasn't too bad. The customers were decently pleasant, there was plenty of work to do without any major outages, got to go eat at Red Robin and watch as fry stonehenge was being built, and roped another soul into becoming a Visual Kei fan. *evil grin*

Spreading the Gackt, Mana, Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, Dir En Grey, Lareine, Versailles, Psycho le Cemu, Judy and Mary...... love is what its all about.

See the fry stonehenge attempt below...

I also upgraded to the new Phone 3G S. WIN!!! I can just see now...tons of videos on youtube ^_^ Speaking of which, I put a video of me opening my iPhone onto YouTube

I also found out that the custom Doll In Mind Miyavi head order that I joined has been shipped to the organizer! Soon I will have this guy below! YAY

BJD-DIM-Minime-MSD-Miyavi - 6

BJD-DIM-Minime-MSD-Miyavi - 1

I got to sleep in some, packed up the darlings and went to a Doll Meet at Oasis Tea. Pictures fromt he doll meet can be found here We had a blast and I hung out with other doll folk from 1 pm till 5:30 pm. Here I am with the mischief makers before leaving for the meet...
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 06

I also got to play with Chester, a Fairyland Pukipuki..... So DARN cute. Now I am hoping to buy one on the Den of Angels Marketplace for a great price! (this has since changed) I've never bought a doll before knowing their name (Except Linnear.... He was a great surprise. I wasn't expecting there to be BJD's for sale at Fanime)
Here is the break dancing Chester...
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 38

Such a magnetic personality!
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 33

So friggin cute!
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 30

Even Leeloo is roped into trying to get Gaius to help her double team me on getting a puki...
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 22

Shhhhhh... They are human watching...
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 42

BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 36

Sunday was a great day too. I got up and decided to see who wanted to hang out that day and Pam saved the day! She came over and we went and got some yummies from Panera Bread. I hear their frozen lemonade is great! Pam got Gaius a matching sleeping bag (Pam had gotten Leeloo one earlier)

Then we were gluttons and headed over to Ladros and got coffee XD. We love our coffee! I got a frozen mocha with mint... mmmmm. We then took a trip over to the international district where I was weak and bought some goodies for the darlings. I got them some more foodstuffs and a chibi Ryuk figurine (There is a photo story of his arrival on my photostory blog here Then we headed back to my place and got to play with al the new goodies! It was nice to be able to play with my BJD's with someone else ^_^ Thanks for a great day Pam. I was still dreaming of Puki's that day and couldn't sleep until like 4am. I was looking at Pukis online XD

I was late for work T_T. I normally have two alarms set and had woken up to the first alarm, went back to sleep, woke up to the second alarm... thinking it was my first alarm and went to sleep again. I then woke up like 5 minutes after I was already supposed to be at work..... I ended up getting to work an hour and a half later... Stupid alarm! Stupid buses! So I will be staying late at work to get the time made up... I stayed 30 minutes today.

I did have some good stuff happen though! I have had enough axillary money coming in to have been able to get my puki ^_^ I bought a NS Pukipuki piki + Sleeping Piki face + Pukisha face (all with company face-ups) + Puki Body + 7 sets of clothes + Mittens + BW pukisha set + Pukipuki box for a great deal! Can't wait for my little Puki to get here!

I cant wait till my little Puki Piki's cute butt gets here.
BJD-Meetup-Oasis Tea-06/20/2009 - 56