Sunday, November 6, 2011

A parade of Unicorns!

I got my Adamelli's and Shale in a few weeks ago... and have gotten two of the three done. I've never had to dremel and carve into new dolls this much... just to be able to put them together as they were "designed" to. Its a good thing I can do my own mod work!

Here is a video of my opening

Little Elipses's Faceup done to be a younger version of Big Elipses - my SOOM MD Heliot with the Default Faceup.
Little Elipses-1.5 - 1

Here is Cortana - my Drag Queen conquerer and genius Entrepreneur. (Little Cortana is on the right... this is what Cortana turns to when she's angry)
BJD-Meetup-2011-10-24-Halloween Meet - 06

Hope you enjoyed!

( 12157V) ~> ( 13467V)