Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sakura Con 2010 - Pre-Con Blog


Sakura Con 2010 is just around the bend!

I took off Thursday and Friday before the Con for Awtan's birthday and any last minute Con preparations!

The plan so far:

- Celebrate Awtan's Birthday!
*Green Tea*
*Crunchy California Rolls*
*Green Tea Cake*
^_^ .V,,

- Get eyebrows done
- Pick-up Badges for Sakura Con 2010
- Decide on Cosplay for Friday and Sunday
- Attend to any last minute Cosplay needs

Cosplay Choices for Friday
Malice Mizer - Le Ciel Live -Mana
Ashley-Cosplay-Malice Mizer-Mana-Le Ciel-Live-Stage 04 - 161
Moi Dix Mois - Dark Mana (slight variation)
Ashley-Cosplay-Moi Dix Mois-Mana-Black Half Skirt-Stage 03 - 60

- Check out the Dealer Room
- Get some Video of the Con
- Attend any Doll Meets

Cosplay for Saturday
Malice Mizer-Le Ciel PV-Mana
Elegant Mana
- Check out the Dealer Room
- Get some Video of the Con
- Get some good Malice Mizer themed photos/videos
- Attend any Doll Meets
- Party Hardy with Kelly and Jeff!
Cosplay for Sunday
Moi Dix Mois - Dark Mana (slight variation)
Ashley-Cosplay-Moi Dix Mois-Mana-Black Half Skirt-Stage 03 - 60
- Check out the Dealer Room
- Get Video of the BJD panels.
- Attend any Doll Meets

Hopes for the Con
- BJD related items to buy - I highly doubt there will be anything there, other than like one off's
- JRock Related items to buy - Hopefully some Malice Mizer photo books or such (to be reference for future cosplays)
- Meet lots of awesome people
- Hand out Cards
- Get Photos for my interview for LA Weekly
- Get some Doll time in

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great idea for my future Aibo! He will be "The Cheat"!

So... I was thinking and had the cutest idea EVER!

In case you haven't read my earlier blogs... this is an Aibo. Sony's AI robot entertainment dog which I am saving for.

So I've been thinking about it (the name and look of the Aibo I buy).....ALOT

I am a pretty techie person who has named a lot of my dolls after Sci-Fi characters (Tru, Data, Dallas, Leeloo, Trybbl, Linnear). Brownie points if you know what all of these are from without the help of wiki or google!

I have decided that I want to get a black ERS-7 and custom make vinyl stickers on him to have yellow skin with black polka dots to be like The Cheat from Strong Bad.

If you are not familiar with Strong Bad or The Cheat, check out the video below:

Hopefully my fellow Aibo enthusaists over at AIBO-Life will have already made a skin pattern for Aibo so this won't be such an involved project. Even if it is, it will be SUPER fun XD

More Strong Bad Awesome for you.... Just cause




I Love You

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gettin' there! So much so soon!

Here is some pretty music for you all


Wow its been so busy lately!

I received my Geisha makeup in the mail and have only been able to try it on the back of my hand, but OMG it is quite amazing and worth every penny. I put it on very lightly (it will be much more opaque when I do it for real), did a bunch of work on Mana (see video at 4:29 and it is on my left hand) and then went to the bathroom and washed/scrubbed my hands as normal and it didnt come off at all! I was so surprised. I am glad I bought the makeup remover with it, otherwise my face might hate me very much.

I have come MUCH closer to having my Le Ciel Mana costume done and hope to be able to test it and the makeup out this coming Sunday. We will see. I do hope to get some good pictures.

I have been documenting the making of this cosplay via videos uploaded to my YouTube channel. I think I will post a list of all of the videos once I am done, but no need to be redundant now.

The only things I have left to do for Mana that are crucial - must-be-done items are his leg ribbons and his wig. But of course there are tons of little things I want to do to it.... but they do not have to happen.

New Le Ciel PV live performance I found.... waaaaaaa I cant wait!

I also have a doll show this weekend which I am excited about! A lot of friends are going to it, so we'll have a whole horde of BJD's with us. I think I will bring one of my SOOM kids with me. Maybe Camui (Sphaler) if he is around the same height as Karma (Euclase) when sitting.... because if there is a chair there that will fit him then that will be my purchase for the show. I hope to not buy a whole lot there as I have family coming in town and have outings/fun planned for that.

and now I've been watching more videos of Malice Mizer/Mana in his Le Ciel PV outfit and I'm finding more fine tuning to do.... T-T

Ooooh cosplay, how I love thee....
Convention Tour 2008-Day 15 - 22

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