Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great idea for my future Aibo! He will be "The Cheat"!

So... I was thinking and had the cutest idea EVER!

In case you haven't read my earlier blogs... this is an Aibo. Sony's AI robot entertainment dog which I am saving for.

So I've been thinking about it (the name and look of the Aibo I buy).....ALOT

I am a pretty techie person who has named a lot of my dolls after Sci-Fi characters (Tru, Data, Dallas, Leeloo, Trybbl, Linnear). Brownie points if you know what all of these are from without the help of wiki or google!

I have decided that I want to get a black ERS-7 and custom make vinyl stickers on him to have yellow skin with black polka dots to be like The Cheat from Strong Bad.

If you are not familiar with Strong Bad or The Cheat, check out the video below:

Hopefully my fellow Aibo enthusaists over at AIBO-Life will have already made a skin pattern for Aibo so this won't be such an involved project. Even if it is, it will be SUPER fun XD

More Strong Bad Awesome for you.... Just cause




I Love You

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