Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not buying from SOOM anytime soon.... WTF SOOM...... /sad panda

So.... this happens........ (See video)

The I get this response from SOOM:
Dear Ashley,

Good day to you.

Firstly, I sincerely apologzie to you for any inconvenience.

For the sticked out S-hook, would you kindly try to hook it in the other way? (Putting rounder side in the hole)
After reference to our produce manager, I regret to say that the slight difference of hole's depth can't be seen as flawed.
I just hope for your kind understanding.

As for shipping fee refund, we will return the money in a week to your paypal account.

I just want to say sorry again for bothering you.

Happy New Year,

And I respond with:
I do not want to start this letter as an angry "I hate you guys" kind of letter. I would like to say that I really admire your company's creativity, and your creations thus far. I have 4 SOOM MD and had planned to probably get the next SOOM MD as well as a Mecha Angel Saiph boy. Given my purchasing experience with Sphaler this will more than likely change.

In regards to your comment:
"After reference to our produce manager, I regret to say that the slight difference of hole's depth can't be seen as flawed."

It actually isn't a slight difference at all. There is quite a bit of difference. When one pays a premium for a product, one expects premium quality and service.

I have not received a premium in service.

That aside, the part of your response which is the biggest disappointment to me is your choice to wait a week to re-pay me for shipping.

I do not see why I should have to wait a week to get my refund back, when I was originally promised (without asking for such) that I would be notified when my product was received (this was not done) and would be sent a pair of 16mm D-CL19 Lilac eyes which were requested back with my corrected foot(as a refund for my shipping) or would be refunded my money immediately via Paypal. The details of this were to be worked out when I was notified that you had received my miss-drilled foot. Neither of these happened. In fact, I was informed that my foot was never received, after it had been received and a new foot was sent to me and received at my address.

In case there were any questions, I had even provided a copy of my shipping receipt, my email address, mobile phone number, and my paypal account information in the box with my foot so that there would be no room for any errors.

As things currently stand I will be waiting for my refund to my Paypal account which is and unless the situation or reviews on your company gets better, I will not be purchasing from you again, nor would I be recommending your company at all (The Gem, Mecha Angel, Neo Angel Region, Rosette, or Idealian) to any of my many other friends in the BJD hobby.

I hope you are more reliable for other customers and if the reviews on your service service improves in the future, maybe we can do business again.

Thank you for the wonderful dolls I have so far, but for now I will not be purchasing anymore products from you.

Then an update on the issue

So the lesson learned here......
Don't buy pretties from SOOM, all those rumors we hear about them on the forums are true.

Buy SOOM second hand so your money goes to good people.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, and more Decisions (Dante, DSLR, Dollmore, Fairyland)

Well its really only one decision with a lot of options.

I have a chance to get a Crobidoll Dante.... there are only 30 of him in the world and Crobidoll is not selling him anymore.  He's absolutely gorgeous.... BUT I think I only like him because he is tan skin......I think I will not get him (Especially since the Fairyland Event is gonna be happening)
******Decided against Dante for a few reasons....******
1. I had seen him when he was available, and had decided not to get him
2. He was a spur of the moment kind of find/purchase
3. I wouldn't like him if he were not Tan skin 
4. Fairyland event was comming up

I've been wanting to get a Canon DSLR, and Canon has come out with an 'affordable' one that has HD video ^^. My big fear in this purchase is the learning curve. I took a class that had some photography involved in it.... but its been years and the teacher was not very good (not patient at all). I want to get some better pictures of my dolls and maybe upgrade the recording for BJD Cast.
******Just decided to wait on this.... as there are no current deals on the camera I want******

Quite simply, I love Fairyland. I have 3 minifee heads that need bodies. They are having an event starting December 31st. Three very good reasons to wait on the other choices and choose this as my first choice. I would probably be getting 2 muscle boy bodies (with extra blank Lishe and Shiwoo heads) as well as a Small bust girl (with extra Shushu heads). I would *like* to get a Feeple Riff Fullset, but I do not see that happening. Then again, Fairyland could totally throw my planning out the door and release a 60cm version of the Minifee body T_T (I would love and hate them at the same time for this. lol) I might would get some pukis too. Having given Trybbl away for X-mas.... It would be nice to have a puki or two. I would probably get a Ruby(my gothic lolita) and a Pong(my Anime Dork)
******Have decided not to go for getting all the event items ******
I may do a combined order with a friend.... so I can get the breakaway set... Might get a Puki Pongpong

And then Dollmore. Oh how I love your cheap clothes and shoes. I would need to order from here so that I would not have some naked dollies.
****** I placed an order with Dollmore, but think I missed the deadline for the event, so my orders will be canceled******

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009



So I am sitting at a one of my favorite restaurants waiting for some nummy Udon.... and a family is sat in front of me. They have a small child with them, who has inspired this blog.

Typically in all honesty I do not like children. I normally do not even get the "aaw thats cute" factor when it comes to seeing other people's children. Or I have the reaction when a child is handed to me "is it gonna poop on me?" I tend to only be able to stand certain ages....

Now I do not want to sound like a total scrooge. I do enjoy them sometimes... but it tends to be only if my friends or family have children... and then... its good to play with them temporarily.... very temporarily.

Anyway.... onto this kid.... there are a couple of thoughts he inspired

1. I wish I could as easily bend others to my will like this child did.... the parents spent like a good 5 minutes deciding on where the chair would go (evidently they visit this restaurant often) because they argued about where the chair should go (it ended up being sort of in the way of others who may need to get to the restroom or the one lady being the waitress for the restaurant. Anyway.... they then let him play with a chopstick.... oh god... the banging..... T_T he managed to poke himself in the eye..... and they STILL let him continue to play with it... the he learned that if he dropped it.... the parents would pick it up for him. This kept them entertained for like at least 15 minutes.

2. PLEASE never let me get into such a routine..... The parents seem to be totally tied together by only the child. They couldn't have any common conversation other than something that was revolving around the kid (you shouldn't feed him that... look he ate the carrot...) or maybe a statement regarding work (which then warranted no further conversation other than the occasional recognition fro the other party that they had heard the statement) It seemed as though if the child did not exist, the two would hate each other. The wife constantly made negative, almost hateful remarks towards most things the husband said or did. That poor man.

Now.... it is time to go home and clean up and put up my cute little X-Mas tree.

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Monday, December 14, 2009



a BJD forum just for us Pacific Northwesterners!

Go sign up now

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AH, things are getting better!

*sigh of relief*

Euclase, I have found you, and you will hopefully be mine in January.


Listening to Kris Orlowski
Its been too long since I saw them live

I really have to get my butt in gear to get my Mana costume started.

This is gonna be a DAMN hard outfit.... T_T

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fuck, I'm pissed!

I had the opportunity to purchase literally.... a doll I NEVER EVER thought I would be able to find in the condition I wanted (as I tend to be OCD)

I don't want to go into details as they wouldn't be very nice. I just really hate the fact that the issues that caused the problem didn't bother me.... it was the simple fact that my opinion on it wasn't valued and the opportunity was taken away.

I tend to be a very understanding person.... and I was understanding and lenient with the multiple issues that came up..... and in the end it was all for nothing. This super pisses me off and unfortunately will make me even more determined to find this doll again.

Euclase, I will find you, and you will be mine.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Frak, I'm tired!

Im so tired from yesterday: getting up at 4am, working from 5:30am till 7:00pm with an hour lunch and a 15 minute nap. Got a ride home from a co-worker (Thanks!), got to talk with a good friend (It was nice to of gotten a phone call! lol), ate, played with dollies and made some videos for my YouTube subscribers for like 2.5 hours, and finally went to bed before 11pm. It will be worth it. I have so many goals to meet! (And am determined)

Today I was awoke by my 4:00am alarm..... but went back to sleep until 6:00am


The videos I made were:
Comparing Sphaler and Heliot

Introducing un-named Beyla

I think I have been over-scheduling myself, which has its good and bad sides.
Good = spending time with loved ones, getting to do fun things, playin with dollies
Bad = Sooo tired, not getting around to things that simply need to be done (because the good things are much more enjoyable XD).

I've also recently canceled plans I've had for OT opportunities at work, which I feel bad about, but it is logical to get the OT at work while I can.

Wow, even my boss came by and was like... go home tonight. You need some rest. T_T lol

There wont be OT available tonight anyway.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Frak! It's Early!

So, I am on the bus at 5:00 am trying to get to work ASAP so I can get as much OT as possible. Today will be a LONG day, but good. I need the extra dinero in order to get Euclase, pay off my CC's, Work on my new Mana costume, save for Japan, and save for UK/France. I hope I can do it all T_T within this year. I don't see me having my Japan savings done, but thats ok. I wont be going there till 2011. Everything else will be this year. (That right JP?)

I found out this morning that it seems to be exponentially colder at 4:30 am than it is at 6:30 am.

So, some good news.
I received my SOOM MD Beyla and Sphaler last night and I am simply in love. They are AWESOME. Thank you Awtan for coming to the opening and helping me restring Sphaler like 4 times. Stubborn jerk.... lol Pictures so far are here:

Beyla poses better than I thought she would, and is too darn cute in Tru's Macarone outfit XD She even crouches with some co-ersing. I just need to get used to her jointing system. The wig I got from SOOM for her is sooooooo darn cute (though I wish it were as vibrantly colored as it shows on the SOOM site. Oh well. I still <3 the cut. It may be her default.

Sphaler is quite simply amazing... ALL except for SOOM over-drilling one of his foot pieces. This means his foot could fall off and break if the S-Hook in his foot(holding the elastic through his leg pieces) shifts. It did during one of the re-stringing sessions last night and it scared the crap out of my friend. His claws are HUGE. They are as big as my hand. He stands AWESOME. His feet aren't as clumsy as I was expecting. I was thinking it would be hard to stand and pose him (like his feet would want to clack together and sit on top of one another.

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