Monday, December 28, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, and more Decisions (Dante, DSLR, Dollmore, Fairyland)

Well its really only one decision with a lot of options.

I have a chance to get a Crobidoll Dante.... there are only 30 of him in the world and Crobidoll is not selling him anymore.  He's absolutely gorgeous.... BUT I think I only like him because he is tan skin......I think I will not get him (Especially since the Fairyland Event is gonna be happening)
******Decided against Dante for a few reasons....******
1. I had seen him when he was available, and had decided not to get him
2. He was a spur of the moment kind of find/purchase
3. I wouldn't like him if he were not Tan skin 
4. Fairyland event was comming up

I've been wanting to get a Canon DSLR, and Canon has come out with an 'affordable' one that has HD video ^^. My big fear in this purchase is the learning curve. I took a class that had some photography involved in it.... but its been years and the teacher was not very good (not patient at all). I want to get some better pictures of my dolls and maybe upgrade the recording for BJD Cast.
******Just decided to wait on this.... as there are no current deals on the camera I want******

Quite simply, I love Fairyland. I have 3 minifee heads that need bodies. They are having an event starting December 31st. Three very good reasons to wait on the other choices and choose this as my first choice. I would probably be getting 2 muscle boy bodies (with extra blank Lishe and Shiwoo heads) as well as a Small bust girl (with extra Shushu heads). I would *like* to get a Feeple Riff Fullset, but I do not see that happening. Then again, Fairyland could totally throw my planning out the door and release a 60cm version of the Minifee body T_T (I would love and hate them at the same time for this. lol) I might would get some pukis too. Having given Trybbl away for X-mas.... It would be nice to have a puki or two. I would probably get a Ruby(my gothic lolita) and a Pong(my Anime Dork)
******Have decided not to go for getting all the event items ******
I may do a combined order with a friend.... so I can get the breakaway set... Might get a Puki Pongpong

And then Dollmore. Oh how I love your cheap clothes and shoes. I would need to order from here so that I would not have some naked dollies.
****** I placed an order with Dollmore, but think I missed the deadline for the event, so my orders will be canceled******

( 1083V) ~> ( 1193V)

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