Wednesday, December 16, 2009



So I am sitting at a one of my favorite restaurants waiting for some nummy Udon.... and a family is sat in front of me. They have a small child with them, who has inspired this blog.

Typically in all honesty I do not like children. I normally do not even get the "aaw thats cute" factor when it comes to seeing other people's children. Or I have the reaction when a child is handed to me "is it gonna poop on me?" I tend to only be able to stand certain ages....

Now I do not want to sound like a total scrooge. I do enjoy them sometimes... but it tends to be only if my friends or family have children... and then... its good to play with them temporarily.... very temporarily.

Anyway.... onto this kid.... there are a couple of thoughts he inspired

1. I wish I could as easily bend others to my will like this child did.... the parents spent like a good 5 minutes deciding on where the chair would go (evidently they visit this restaurant often) because they argued about where the chair should go (it ended up being sort of in the way of others who may need to get to the restroom or the one lady being the waitress for the restaurant. Anyway.... they then let him play with a chopstick.... oh god... the banging..... T_T he managed to poke himself in the eye..... and they STILL let him continue to play with it... the he learned that if he dropped it.... the parents would pick it up for him. This kept them entertained for like at least 15 minutes.

2. PLEASE never let me get into such a routine..... The parents seem to be totally tied together by only the child. They couldn't have any common conversation other than something that was revolving around the kid (you shouldn't feed him that... look he ate the carrot...) or maybe a statement regarding work (which then warranted no further conversation other than the occasional recognition fro the other party that they had heard the statement) It seemed as though if the child did not exist, the two would hate each other. The wife constantly made negative, almost hateful remarks towards most things the husband said or did. That poor man.

Now.... it is time to go home and clean up and put up my cute little X-Mas tree.

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  1. people are dumb. podlings are horrible things to force upon others out in public.

    that being said, some woman let the two 4 year old (guessing age) kids run through the crowd at the bus stop last week and get on the bus before anyone...then she told everyone to get on before her anyways and proceeded to parent from halfway across the bus. T_T