Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Frak, I'm tired!

Im so tired from yesterday: getting up at 4am, working from 5:30am till 7:00pm with an hour lunch and a 15 minute nap. Got a ride home from a co-worker (Thanks!), got to talk with a good friend (It was nice to of gotten a phone call! lol), ate, played with dollies and made some videos for my YouTube subscribers for like 2.5 hours, and finally went to bed before 11pm. It will be worth it. I have so many goals to meet! (And am determined)

Today I was awoke by my 4:00am alarm..... but went back to sleep until 6:00am


The videos I made were:
Comparing Sphaler and Heliot

Introducing un-named Beyla

I think I have been over-scheduling myself, which has its good and bad sides.
Good = spending time with loved ones, getting to do fun things, playin with dollies
Bad = Sooo tired, not getting around to things that simply need to be done (because the good things are much more enjoyable XD).

I've also recently canceled plans I've had for OT opportunities at work, which I feel bad about, but it is logical to get the OT at work while I can.

Wow, even my boss came by and was like... go home tonight. You need some rest. T_T lol

There wont be OT available tonight anyway.

( 932V) ~> ( 938V)

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