Monday, June 29, 2009

Another weekend of Dolls, Old Friends, and Parades.

So I have had another great weekend. Lets start it with a cute video Alan sent me.

BJD-MeetUp-Space Needle - 08

I packed up all my travel drawing stuff, computer, and all three darlings with me and went to hang out under the needle after work. I was then joined by two friends from work. Thanks so much for coming out! I really did have a great time. After hanging at the needle doodlin' we went in search for a kaiten (conveyor belt sushi) and we found one right at the QFC on 5th called "Genki Sushi" Oh my GOD it was great! The atmosphere was wonderful..... the sushi (and its prices) were great. I will definitely have to check out their happy hour sometime. I do have a 10% off coupon for there... mmmm
BJD-MeetUp-Space Needle - 11

BJD-MeetUp-Space Needle - 13

BJD-MeetUp-Space Needle - 04
BJD-Meetup-Lakeview Cemetary - 46
I got up early and got some shopping done (bought two fabulously cute and comfy dresses (one was 1/2 off!!). Then I met up with a fellow doll enthusiast at Lakeview Cemetery and took some awesome shots of the darlings. Poor Linnear was left at home. He would have been quite out of place, as he would have been the only SD there. Not to mention how freakin heavy he is. We eventually made our way over to Volunteer Park and then decided to take pictures of us torturing Gaius with Pukis. He has quite the dis-taste for the cute little Pukis, meanwhile Leeloo was in heaven! She loves the cute little Pukis. Going to Volunteer Park made me really wish I lived near a real park instead of a stinky swamp.....Damn you Google and calling it a park......
BJD-Meetup-Lakeview Cemetary - 13
BJD-Meetup-Lakeview Cemetary - 14
BJD-Meetup-Lakeview Cemetary - 16
BJD-Meetup-Lakeview Cemetary - 39
After finally finding my way home (The busses in Capitol Hill area were all kindsa messed up because of the Rock festival (?). But I am glad people had fun, and I ended up finding a bus to get home so it was all good) I took a nap as the sun wore me out pretty bad. Then I decided to give Leeloo's legs and butt a good cleaning. I took her legs and lower torso (Butt) apart and used Acetone to clean off all the fabric dye (from Dollmore pants) and MSC. I'll have to re-spray her.

I got up early caught breakfast with a friend at the Athenian's at Pike's Market, saw some the Pride Parade, and headed home and got some photo uploading and cleaning done.

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