Thursday, January 21, 2010

Euclase shipping battle 2.0 - Larry vs Ashley

I have been in a battle to find out where my SOOM MD Euclase is. Its been in limbo for 6 days now. The story till now can be found here in my blog from yesterday: The long road to Euclase - stuck in customs

I also found out from the shipper that they did mark it as a Resin Doll, so that makes me feel much better about there hopefully not being any fees. Though.... they are not willing at this point to put in a claim with the Canadian Post....I will continue to see what I can find from Larry.

So I have called Larry this morning and he didn't even talk to me. It's ok. He will hear from me later today. I taped it, so take a look (At least the lady was pleasant... I guess.... I try to look at the bright side of things)

7:42am PST January 21 2010
Got to speak with Larry.

He says he is still looking and that he has my phone number (though he read it to me incorrectly the first go-around)


( 1521V) ~> ( 1522V)

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