Thursday, February 25, 2010

26 Totally Random things that may or may not relate to me specifically

Before I start the list I would just like to express my discontent with Facebook at the moment

*/RAWR @ Facebook*


1. I am OCD and damn proud of it. That + confidence has gotten me to a good place in my life. My current obsessions include:


GACKT - 雪月花 - The end of silence -

Le Ciel Mana cosplay

2. I can't even predict how I will act sometimes. Sometimes I feel like Agent smith and others I feel like the Tin Man.

3. I've always been the odd ball out, though I never noticed it... until it was pointed out.

4. Being me, makes me happy. So thats what I do.

5. I've always been attracted to men in dresses and makeup... I don't know why (and when I say attracted.... I mean like magnets.... or like condensation to a cool coke can. It just happens - nothing special about it - fact of life)

6. I try to be great at many things, but am glad that I at least end up good at most of them.

7. Yes, I am 25 and I still play dress up, have sleep-overs, and play with dolls.

8. Sometimes I wish I could trade my drawing talent for singing talent. Though, my drawing talent has been more profitable than a singing one ever would.

9. I love to cosplay at conventions and get attention for it, but I have awful stage fright.

10. I think about various people very often, and I wish I were a strong/diligent enough person to let them know (Pat, Elden, Yaya, Pam, Jeromy, Mom, Dad, Bambi, Jesse C, Jesse H, Margy....)

11. I'm stubborn.

12. I want rainbow hair and blue eyes.

13. Though, I am determined to get down to around a size 4-6, I do not think I am fat.

14. I think this list is really hard.... and feel kind of narcissistic in writing it. But maybe that is evident in all my YouTube videos and Blog entries?

15. I always stood fine on my own, not a care if anyone else was similar or if anyone cared. Then I wanted to find someone who cared about my quirks, thats when the pain started.

16. Gackt can do anything, except dance.

17. I wish more people knew and loved themselves better, the planet would resonate happiness then.

18. I am always scared to be the real me in front of others. I have worked past this and have found that I tend to inspire people, instead of scare them. I think this is a beautiful thing.

19. Kitty ears rock

20. This was a special moment to me.
Sakura Con 2008 - Saturday - 071

21. I take pictures and video because I have a bad memory. I re-watch them often.

22. I will buzz cut my hair one day, just for the experience.

23. I felt like the most beautiful woman on earth this day. I thought I had found happiness
Ashley-Portrait-2009 - 132

24. Hearts are very important to me
Ashley-Portrait-2009 - 091

25. My Photostories have hidden meaning and I'm not telling.

26. This one is because I always have to do more...

( 1875V) ~> ( 2062V)

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