Sunday, August 3, 2008


Bring on the Anime, Manga, and Cosplay wonderfullness!!
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I just want someone that I can connect with. Someone who just gets me.

I like playing video games (mostly PC, but like the Console ones too!) I used to have LAN parties and play Counter Strike (Original and Source), Warcraft III, and the occasional Call of Duty. I also like watching others play games as well. Its like a movie for me! I really want to watch someone play all the way through the Fatal Frame series (with the lights off, and the sound turned WAY up to add to the creepiness!). I can only get through 30 minutes of it at a time >.< its too scary! Bioshock would be awesome too!

I would also really love to find someone that would be a cosplay partner for me! Its always better when you have someone dressing up as an accompanying character.
Malice Mizer-Group-Illuminati-Concert - 0004Malice Mizer-Group-Cyberland - 0019
I need a Gackt for my Mana (Series: Malice Mizer)

An Anthy for my Utena (Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Vampire Knight - 19
A Kaname or Zero for my Yuki (Series: Vampire Knight)

A Night for my Riiko (Series: Absolute Boyfriend)

A Larva/Rava for my Miyu (Series: Vampire Princess Miyu)

A D for me (damsel in distress) (Series: Vampire Hunter D)

Sailor Moon - Artbook1 - 030Sailor Moon - Artbook1 - 039
A Tuxedo Mask for my Sailor Moon (Series: Sailor Moon)

Photo 19
Kumoricon 2008 - Day 04 - 21

I want someone that I can walk through downtown with Linnear (My Asian Ball Jointed Doll - Dollzone Yuu) on my shoulders and not care the looks we/I get. Or if I decide to cosplay in the city without there being a con going on. Or someone that I could sit in a coffee shop, or on the couch with for hours and not get boored or could simply sit in each others silent company and not get that akward "no one's talking" feeling. Or someone that could take me out to go do something exciting, like going to a rave party or a drag show!

I just feel so at odds with the world. It seems like everyone that is into this stuff(if I ever find anyone that is) are like 16. I want someone that is a stable adult >.<.

This is just turning into a rant, so I'll just be waiting ^_^ for my Night to arrive in the mail.

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