Friday, August 29, 2008

I’m lovin it! Kumoricon 2008

Convention - Kumoricon 2008 - 113

So we have gotten to the hotel and setup “base” and I am totally LOVING it!

Maybe thats cause of the alcohol ^_^. mmm vanilla vodka and coke.

The layout for this convention is kind of weird. The dealer’s room is in a separate building from the hotel. And the hotel doesn’t really have allot of room for much of anything to be going on.

Also, the lines to pickup your badge for your pre-registration were HORRIBLE. The system was so confusing I don’t even know if I can explain it to where it will be understandable.

There were two lines to get badges for the con, one was if you had not pre-registered(already ordered and paid for a badge) and one for picking up our already paid for badge.

Inside the hotel these lines were split up (at least the con staff thought so). There was really NO organization of any kind. No ropes for the lines, no one managing the lines, nothing.

Outside of the hotel both of these lines were combined into one, a big WTF in my book. That makes the wait for both longer. And if anything the pre register people shouldn’t have to wait any longer.

THATS WHY YOU PRE-REGISTER. to remove the inconvenience of not having done so.

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