Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moved In!

My stuffs here..... but I gotta work on decoration

Photo 5

First and foremost I want send out a very special thanks to all the people that helped me.

Thomas And Dikla - being great friends that were and are there for me, oh and for letting me bum your futon, and interwebs ^_^; and for driving me to the places I needed to go.

Josh - For being Johnny on the Spot and helping me out without much notice. You were a trooper, tanx so much!

Jamie and Jen - For letting me use your vehicles to transport stuff and helping put together furniture.

Pat - thanks for the help of carrying stuff, going grocery shopping, and for just hanging out ^_^.

Shane - tanx for trying to help me find a place, and really just being an awesome guy. Im sure you get tired of all my questions @ work.

Mom and Dad for helping me get the place furnished ^_^ and Mom for being here with me through the whole experience. I know you would have been here if you could Dad.

I got myself a nice big whiteboard for my apartment. I am going to document the many goofy doodles that will grace it’s surface. Here is the first of many doodles to come.



A lot of the stuff on the board are inside jokes that only me and the people that drew them will truly get the joke, but everyone else can laugh at the ULTIMATE pen-manship! lol

Aaaah ^_^ Its starting to feel like home.

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