Friday, May 16, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 1 (Really Day 2) Version 2.1.1

Punch (see above picture)..... Someone in the FACE....

Not really but some GTA IV would be awesome. lol

Well see good ole’ Gackt there? Thats kinda me right now except I have a mac in my lap and don’t look quite so mad....Even so I’m still in high spirits. I WILL get there someway somehow before the weekend is over!!!!

Im milking the airport for power while I work on my blog and charge my iphone. I need to make sure it stays charged so I can make phone calls and do directions and such. I wish I could connect my Macbook Pro to my phone’s internet. That’d be the hotness.

At least I was smart enough to move over my most important video files.... Now I am watching S.K.I.N.’s performance of “Nine Spiral”. Sooo friggin awesome!

My list of Videos......
Gackt-Just do a google images search... no explaining needed. lol
Madonna-She has HOT boots.....zomg above the knee boots.
Malice Mizer-read my site, you’ll know why.
Lareine-I will be seeing Kamijo (Versailles) during my trip! hazaaa!
Psycho Le Cemu-Just cause they are up-beat and crazy.
Moi Dix Mois-C’mon.... its Mana. DUH
Miyavi-cause his hair ROCKS!
Sweeney Todd-Tim Burton + Johnny Depp + Musical
Jeffree Star-His makeup, one word - FANTABULOUS
Gorillaz-who doesn’t like them?
Dir En Grey-Stress relief

12:59 am.....
So... I am uber excited about being around Yaya and Elden. I really wish I had internet here so I could look over Yaya’s website again. I want to pick her brain about some of the details of her costumes.

I really should be sorting through pictures but I really don’t want to. I don’t have anywhere that I can use my mouse and doing it with a touchpad is crazy annoying. But I am running out of things to type about and thats the only thing left to do really.... hmm

1:27 am.....
Aaahm.... I made an expense sheet for my trip to keep track of the dough Im spending. Will make me way more less likely to buy an expensive birthday gift for myself. I REALLY hope I don’t see an El or Shine... I would just DIE!

My friggin phone is still charging.... jeez Its kinda funny watching people..... And I have surprisingly enough run into pretty much all nice people here... I better not have just jinx’d myself. That’d totally suck.

Alright I gotta find a potty and somewhere warmer to sit. Im close to some doors so its a little chilly.... blarg!!

1:53 am......
I’m back again......
So I explored the girls bathroom and found a somewhat warmer spot. I also have another jacket too. The bathroom was clean! So that was a definite highlight for me....

Aah! I know what I can do! I can re-read my Vampire Knight Manga. The English Manga, Japanese Manga, and Anime are each on different places in the story so Im kinda confused. lol Besides its always nice to go back and look at pretty pictures.

2:57 am....
Got done watching some Miyavi stuffs..... *yawn* I think I might get a bite to eat here soon, or at least go look at food. I don’t want to go to sleep in the airport. Im too paranoid that I would over-sleep or have some of my stuff taken(Even though the airport is dead).

5:01 am....
So I met up with Amber and she’s pretty cool.
Some things I learned.....
Banana Runts = Bad (in a world’s gonna end kind of way)
Banana ice cream form Cold Stone Creamery = Heavenly.

I was able to get on the 6:05 am flight!!!! YAY



So I have a list of good things....
Made a new cool acquaintance (Amber). Yesss!! I remembered her name, I am horrible at that.
I was able to get onto the 6:05 am flight.
I sat next to a wonderful chap with a good sense of humor. He was polite and nice to talk to.
My flight arrived on time.
The airport was easy to navigate.
My bags arrived just fine and the lady who helped unlock it for me was as nice as could be.
It was easy to get a Taxi.
The Taxi driver was very nice.


The Bad
I paid for a taxi ride to the wrong hotel.....

So now I am waiting in the lobby of the wrong Motel 6 for another Taxi to come and pick me up. I really hope Jose is as nice as the polite Motel 6 guy is saying.

I got the the correct hotel FINALLY and washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed clothes and went to the convention. I browsed around the dealer room and met up with Elden and Yaya.

Later Elden and I went to a local restraunt and had Mexican. Then I took a shower and went straight to bed, even though I am SUPER excited about watching the new Moi Dix Mois DVD!!! Dixandu.

Tomorrow I will wear my Merveilles Mana outfit I think....


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