Thursday, May 15, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 1 Version 2.0

So due to circumstances I missed my check in time for my flight....

SO now I am waiting to be able to try to squeeze in on the next flight which is at 11:33 tonight. Its currently 10:33 and they are telling me this flight looks pretty full... *sigh*

Oh well.... as Jesse has taught me and as Elden has said... just roll with the punches and in the end I’ll have a hell of a time.

I’ve gone through a series of emotions today. From wanting to snuggle in bed with Jesse all morning(which I did till about 8:00am) because I really started to realize how much Im gonna miss him, to being happy about a DA spot, to missing my flight(self explanatory...), to being glad to get to spend a little more time with Jesse(He was nice enough to come up to the airport and spend a couple of hours with me while I wait for the next flight, and to catch some good food. Mmmmm walnut salmon salad), to sitting in the terminal twiddling my thumbs hoping I can get in on the 11:33 flight to Anime Central.

Overall though I think I handled myself pretty well. I didn’t freak out when they told me I couldn’t board my flight... I stayed calm and the lady was quite nice. Let me take out 5 lbs of stuff from my check in bag so I wouldn’t be charged $100 for it being 55 lbs rather than 50 lbs. She also didn’t charge me a missed flight fee or something or other. So thanks to the flight lady that was awesome (as could be in said situation)

I’m trying to look at the positive side of things because I am a firm believer in that positive things happen to positive people.

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