Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 14 Version 1.0

So Elden and I are driving to TX today. We should get there tonight.

I noticed that my backlight for my keyboard on my Macbook Pro isn’t working for some reason. I have gone through all the settings (reset them to default, rebooted the machine, tried using the Function keys). Its really strange. When I use any of the function keys related to the backlight it acts as though it recognizes the act of pressing the keys, but that the actually function is not allowed. *sigh*

Anyway I was looking through my pictures and I also realized that I have upgraded dolls. I attempted to make a Ball Jointed Doll in college (in a short two week time span while working on 18 credits of other class work and working fulltime)

Ashley-Paper Clay-Doll - 01

He wasn’t so bad for being on quite a budget of time and money. I forget what I named him.

I also made a fabric doll too. He was kinda cool. I like all the tattoo’s I gave him. I don’t have any other better pictures of him though. He is all the way in North Carolina somewhere.

Ashley-Fabric-Doll - 02

Now I have upgraded to my Dollzone Yuu. I’m going to have a gallery just for him I think, but I will put some of my pictures of him here.

BJD-Convention Tour 2008-Day 8 - 04 copy

BJD-Convention Tour 2008-Day 8 - 09 copy

BJD-Convention Tour 2008-Day 8 - 18 copy


Loli's first friend

So I have two outfits for him right now. I want to get/make him some underwear so that when I put the black dress on him the dye from the fabric won’t stain his butt so bad.

The vendor that I bought him from made fun of me for putting him in a dress..... /cry lol

I have also been thinking about what to name him. Here are some names that I thought were good.
Emory (It coincidentally is the name of the dealer I bought him from... but I like that name)
Adrian Abbadon
Delynn (Babylon 5 Reference)
Linnear (Babylon 5 Reference)
Malak (Arabic meaning Angel)
Marijn (Dutch meaning Sea)
Mudiwa (African Shona meaning beloved)

Well thats all I have for now.

I think I have decided to name him Linnear. It just sounds so eloquent.

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