Friday, May 2, 2008

M is the letter for me.

So I came to the conclusion that there are alot of things my my life that revolve around the letter “M”.

Musical Robots-Its just so friggin cute!

Malice Mizer
- My absolutely Most favorite visual kei japanese rock band!

Ma Cherie
-A close second to Madrigal, the best bouncy song ever. This is the theme song for my favorite band’s fan club. (Malice Mizer’s Ma Cherie)

-The best bouncy, pick your day up, song ever. Just makes you want to bob your head.... and I do. From Malice Mizer.

Moi Dix Mois
- one my my more liked japanese visual kei bands.

- Magnificent Master creator of all that is beautiful. - Music, Art, Makeup, Fashion.

Moi Memme Moite
-Gorgeous clothing line created by the wondrous Mana

Mon Amor
-Fan club for Mana/Moi Dix Mois fans


-The best album and band tour ever!

-The craziest cutest Jrocker ever. Keep doin your thing Elegant!

MAC (Apple)
-What would I do without my Mac? I would be an ANGRY PC user that never gets anything creative done.

M.A.C. (Cosmetics)
-oh the beautiful range of colors. this is the Most Magnificent Makeup on earth.

Market (Pike Market)
-One of my favorite places to be in Seattle. Mmmm Athenian Inn Coffee!

-Vampire Princess Miyu. the Manga of my childhood. I did cosplays of Miyu and dreamed of being her for fun.

-What would I do without my precious Manga? It keeps me dreaming on and inspires me to draw more. Currently I am on Vampire Knight, Absolute Boyfriend..... uuh yea thats it.

-another creative outlet for me to help express my colorful personality and feelings.

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