Friday, May 30, 2008

Convention Tour 2008-Day 15-A-kon staff+planning=FAIL

Convention Tour 2008-Day 15 - 08 copy

So do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?

I will start with the bad because I’m FRIGGIN pissed! and I want to end on a good note ^_^ because I WILL have a good time the rest of the Convention. Listening to Ma Cherie will make me feel better.

Ok so bad news....

So a HUGE highlight of my trip was having the most awesome amazing chance to be able to see Versailles in Concert. This is a Japanese Rock band from Japan! Must I say more? They are a conglomerate of amazingly talented individuals from other broken up bands. I have loved Japanese music for a LONG time and these guys are form the genre that I love - JRock! Their costumes are all elaborate and I hear they put on an amazing show. I put a video of them below.

So I got here before most of the con go-ers and have been asking around every chance to try to find out more details so that I would be able to get into this concert and get a good seat! No one had any information to give me, and the ones that did give me information gave me something that they just came up with on the spot to try to pacify me.

Dealers didn’t even get spots reserved for them in the concert (Elden tells me this is a normal occurrence because they pay lots of money to have their booths at the Convention.... they are one of the main money bringers of a Convention).

So it comes to about One and a half hours before the concert is supposed to start. Now keep in mind, the room that the concert is being held in is being used right up until the setup for the concert starts. And they put up signs saying the room will be emptied before the concert starts, and no one has been able to tell me where and if there will be a line starting to be able to get into the concert. So I walk around confused asking every staff member I could to try to make sure I was covered to be able to get into the concert, of course they are all volunteers and aren’t informed on ANYTHING(not even where the bathroom is...)

After wandering around (Now it is an hour before the setup for the concert) I FINALLY find the line for the concert and it was wrapped around in a strange way that made it look like it was the line for pre-registration(totally seperate event from the concert). As I start to walk towards the end of the line I get more and more worried that I won’t even make it in the room. It is obvious that I won’t even get a good seat. Which for me, that means I may as well just listen to them on my iPhone and not waste my time. I get to the back of the line and right as I was get in line a VERY rude Con official comes up and says we can’t get in that line and won’t acknowledge that it is for the Versailles concert and that we have to come back in a hour or the concert will be canceled.

*my laptop is about dead...*

So the good news is that I won second place in the Hall cosplay contest *sigh* I will find a power plug and rant more... not sure when I can update on the interwebs again though...

*found power + internet!!* see things are getting better -_-;

I understand that a building can only have a certain amount of people because of fire/safety hazards... and that is fine..... the part that really pisses me off is that no one could give me any information and that they were rude.

Rrrrrr!!! Ok so on to happier things.

I will be meeting some amazing cosplayers tomorrow! Another really good Mana that posts on a forum that I visit, and maybe the person that won First place over me.

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