Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Double.Agent.Technical.Assessment Test! がんばるよ!!

So tomorrow I will be taking my test to be a Double Agent. It is called the D.A.T.A. test. It was recently re-vamped and I am uBer excited about taking it.

For those of you that are not familiar with Geek Squad let me explain who and what a Double Agent is .
Double Agent - One of the elite of the Geek Squad that goes out to clients home/business in the spiffy white, black, and orange VW Bugs to defeat the evils of Viruses and Spyware, Setup Wireless Networks, Pimpin-Out Computers, and Training for gadgets!

So I have been studying some today, needed a break from reading the techno-mumbo-jumbo, and decided to write a little blurb for my site. Im hoping someone noticed that I had not posted in a while and would be excited at reading a new post. ^_^

I do have other things to post about but I am trying to get my photos for the post in order.... Blarg too many pictures!

Wish me luck カードボアドーくん!

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