Saturday, April 5, 2008

The closest I got to a Dollfie a.k.a. Ball Jointed Doll

Miyu and her Miyu Doll

In high school I was a big fan of the series Vampire Princess Miyu and thanks to my amazing parents I had just about everything Miyu related that a young girl in America could feasibly have. The one item above is a Tsukuda doll of Miyu. I also had Rava. They were the closest I had gotten to a true Ball Jointed Doll. Actually at the time I don’t think I knew they existed.... But I would find them later, and I have dreamed of getting one ever since (at least 4 years).

So I was doing that dumb thing where you ‘dream’ shop online.... and I really wish I hadn’t!

Now... if you continue reading on and you have no Idea what a Ball Jointed Doll is.. its time to bring something pretty into your life ^_^. BJD_wtf is a good source if you don’t know what they are. Also I have used hyperlinks for words that someone reading might not recognize, so click the links to get what the words mean. So read that and if you think they are creepy or just don’t like them, then only read below to revel in my torture or don’t read...

I have now found a Luts Delf I want more than El! I love Shine!

His face is perfect for doing Mana cosplays! Well as close as BJD’s get. I had wanted El for the longest time, and I still do, but I think he would be good for Gackt maybe... but these dolls are not cheap... so if I ever get one it will have to be one at a time. I really don’t see me wanting more than 2, but thats what they all say....

So anyway I decided to build my dream order from Luts. There were a few items I wanted that were not in stock... but I think my order with all the thins I wanted would have been ~$1,500.00. I was completely flaberga.sted when I saw they had a miniature Juene Fille and Juene Fille Blanche.

This post will be a work in progress... I want to list all the pretties I want so I can remember them for later. Also... There were fewer items in my Luts Shopping cart for the dream order above.

~Ball Jointed Doll~
Senior Delf ABADON (Real Skin Normal)
Head Mask
Doll Stand
Magic Block (for cleaning the resin when doing Face-Ups or Blushing)
Plastina (for putting eyes in place)
Carrier Bag (This one is kind of plain... I’d decorate it!)
Elastic String
Elastic String Puller
DW163 (medium length straight black wig)
DW09 (Long Black straight-wavy wig)
DW77 (Med/Long black wig)
WW19 (Short Black Mohair)
WW20 (Short Magenta Mohair)
Baron Set Senior Delf(EGA Suit)(do Senior Delf clothes fit normal Delfs?)
Cigarette Stripe Pants Senior Delf (Maybe for Gackt or Miyavi Doll-play)
Minimal Suit Senior Delf (Semi EGA suit)
DGS-12 CHIC STRAP For Girl (S.Black) Like Non-Platform Mana Illuminati
DBS-12 TRIGONAL BOOTS For Boy (BK) Awesome boots
DGS-06 LOLITA HIGH HEEL For Girl (S.Black)
~Eyes~ I am not sure what diameter would be good....must research
ESP Blue Style (OMG Mana’s Guitar!!)
ESP White Style (Another of Mana’s Guitars!!)
Bc Rich Hate (And yet another Mana Guitar!!)
WIRE BAND 2 For Delf
GLASSES-SC For Delf (Dark Brown)
SOFA 1 For Delf (Black)
(So my doll would have a place to sit when I wasn’t playing with it)

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