Monday, March 31, 2008

Sakura Con 2008 - My amazing time there

Yuki and L

So this entry is going to be a long one.... I met many amazing people, introduced two friends into the amazing world of cosplay and conventions.

So to start with I want to say that this was a very emotional Con for me. It really made my day to have two good friends with me to help me be in character as Mana. I have gone to conventions with people before, but this time it just felt really right. I felt ok in saying I was cosplaying as this incredibly beautiful and talented man that I admire. I could show them concert videos of them and really talk passionately about the band that made my teenage years exciting. I just introduced them to the magical world of Cosplay and JRock. I especially enjoyed when people recognized my character. It made me want to smile, but I tried not to because I dont think mana would have(at least on the outside). It was so nice to be around those who could appreciate my passion for Jrock, Cosplay, Dollfie, Mana, etc....

I hope she won’t kill me for this but It really touched me when one of the friends I went with sent me this email:

“I had the most wonderful time...
I can't thank you enough...
Before this, I didn't understand why people love these conventions so much. Now i see its the opportunity to be the self in your dreams rather than just the self you are to the world.
This weekend was the 1st time, I couldn't remember what sadness felt like. I felt like my old self.
That is one of the most precious thing any friend can give to another ^_^

Your wonderful Ashley (Mana) and I already look forward to sept!”

I also to recognize some of the people I met at the convention! These are in no particular order!
Sakura Con 2008 - Saturday - 098
Elden Sama- You are truly an inspirational guy. Yaya-Han was and still is one of my hero’s but I must say you are a new one to add to my list. I love that you are passionate about what you do and have made your life into something you enjoy. I bet you have a very very happy life. Thank you so very much for the necklace Its beautiful! It was very refreshing to meet someone who knows who they are, is proud of it, and is a real genuine person. Sometimes when you meet people they are only nice because they are supposed to be, you were definitely not that way. I hope we become great friends and have some amazing adventures!
Mana and Yaya-Han!
Yaya-Han- I know we just said hello and that I took a picture with you but.... You are what I want to be in the future. Just like Elden Sama. I know you don’t know me but, I am so proud of what you have done. I always admire those who have gone after their dreams and soared through the sky!
Sakura Con 2008 - Saturday - 090
Chloe and Mana
Chloe and Jesse(Did I remember your name right?)- Simply wow. You were the girls I wish I had in high school when I first started liking Malice Mizer. Its so very nice to get to know someone who likes the same music as you and can relate on so many levels. I am VERY excited about the possibility of a Malice Mizer cosplay group!
Jesse and Mana
Jesse- What can I say? It was yet another inspirational meeting. You too were someone that was having fun with their life, pursuing what makes them happy. I think we could do a great Gackt and Mana cosplay! Hopefully we can meet again and hang out some more. I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to your demo (though I am importing it into iTunes right now!) I will listen to it on my iPhone at work tomorrow! You will have to let me know when your shows are. I would love to see you play and dance on stage!

Gackt Dancing Guy- Sorry I don’t think we exchanged names....
That was awesome! I’d love to learn the dances and do a skit or do it just for fun! I posted a clip of us dancing on my podcast. ^_^

The girl who said I should have won in the costume contest- Sorry I didnt get your name or picture! And I appreciate the thought(and am not insinuating that I believe I should have won...) I just really enjoyed your enthusiasm and that you told me how much you liked my costume. That really made my day. If you read this send me an email!

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! If we keep in touch you will soon find that I have a really bad memory.... Its not intentional believe me! Even if you didnt meet me and just want to say hello just email me!

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