Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thoughts on Sakura Con

So I am getting VERY excited about Sakura Con. Jen-berry came in town from NC for the Con. I will be having a totally amazing girly weekend with Lucey and Jen-berry.

The only problem is that I am an TOTAL pack-rat freak... in my own way.

For example I know I will want to have my Macbook Pro with me the whole time because I will want to be ready with an answer if someone asks me... “who is Mana?” when I am in my costume. And when you have a technological device you will need all the accessories that go along with it; charger, mouse, extra battery, remote, bag, etc.

And what if my makeup starts to run? or my face jewels fall off? my perfect-as-possible shaped mana lipstick smudges? I would need my makeup with me.

What if I suddenly get divinely inspired to create the greatest work of my life and all I have to draw with is a McDonalds napkin and ketchup? That might work for some of the other art students I have known in my life.... but not me.

I will need my camcorder, pocket camera, a tripod, wallet.....

*Sigh* I have to try to not bring the kitchen sink with me.

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