Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy about Coffee sans Sugar?!

Leeloo's preoccupied hangout - 1

Lost in thought and sometimes daydreams....

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I've been daydreaming a lot more lately and its been oh so nice. I had started to run out of things to daydream about other than my next photoshoot or this new doll/gizmo that was on the way.

I'm working more towards my goal of being slimmer (and healthier). It'd be great to be able to very easily be swept off my feet (literally) again. *cube* hehe =) I also want to be in better cosplay shape. As part of my attempt to be healthier I decided to cut out extraneous sugars (completely except for some splenda in my british black tea. I'm actually enjoying coffee without any sugar. And I did it cold-turkey!) I want to figure out some kind of exercise too.... in all reality I would LOVE to find a way to get to the swimming pool a lot. Swimming laps with a waterproof mp3 player setup sounds like a dream to me.

I've also drawn more lately as well. I've been working quite diligently on a pair of images but  my phone's flickr app is being a butt-munch like normal so no preview pic for my readers. And of course just as I say that... the upload works the 30th try.

It's amazing what a dash of happiness can do

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  1. I just found your blog, I watch your videos a lot and love them! Anyway, it's funny you should mention the coffee/tea thing, I recently did the same thing in an attempt to cut back on calories. First I stopped having sugar in my coffee but now I've just switch to tea and given up the coffee *SHOCK* Anyway, definitely an adjustment but a step in the right direction! And btw your idea of swimming with a waterproof mp3 sounds like bliss!