Friday, March 11, 2011

The Art of My Heart

The Art of my Heart

It was obvious in my work first, that only I cared.
It was one-sided and I couldn't see it.

Till the devastating end.

I was a pawn on your game, whether you realized it or not.

I had finally let myself trust my heart and what I felt.
You made me believe that you felt the same, or at least that you even gave the slightest shit.
I had finally let myself dream.
I dreamed of our future, even though it was uncertain.
I didn't dream of my success, your success, our house, our money, or any of those material things.
I dreamed of being by your side.
I wanted our forever.

I'm left with this...
cavity in me....
ALL that is ME. 

My life, My heart, My hopes
My dreams, My happiness, My sanity
My everything 


A friend told me this song in its entirety reminded him of me. It's beautiful 
- Thank you -

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