Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BJD Fun in the snow!

2012-01-16-Snow Pictures-29.jpg

Leeloo: Ooops!
2012-01-16-Snow Pictures-12.jpg

<3 <3 <3

2012-01-16-Snow Pictures-28.jpg

It was his idea for Leeloo to push XoXo into the snow!
2012-01-16-Snow Pictures-13.jpg

I plopped XoXo in the snow and Fen and Kitty took care of the girls
2012-01-16-Snow Pictures-11.jpg

Minifee snow plop aftermath
2012-01-16-Snow Pictures-27.jpg

XoXo can't get a break!
2012-01-16-Snow Pictures-6.jpg

My beautiful Switch
2012-01-16-Snow Pictures-1.jpg

( 13467V) ~> ( 14314V)

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