Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Looking Back a year

Crushed Dreams

Looking back a year reminds me of what a terrifying time it was.

I feel like the last year shouldn't of happened, like I should have already been where I am now - then. Who would've known "I really thought I had found him. I still think I have." would end up being such a reality.

I found him, he left, another tried coming back for their own sinister intent and then left and hypocritically married another, a new one tried to swoop in, and then he came back having realized his mistake.

I took a chance again at the happiness I first envisioned months before. If I survived his heartbreak once, I could do it again. In fact this time I would be enraged instead of devastated and my anger is a frightful thing to behold.

I'm thankfully living that happiness so far but I also unwillingly live with a shadow of the past looming over my head. Sometimes I feel like an abuse victim that automatically flinches as an auto reflex to a hand reaching out to hug instead of hit. I can't help whats happened in the past - as much as I wish I could.

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  1. You know, I left the guy I am currently with but came back after having realized my mistake.
    I regret the hurt I caused him, but not so much the chance to realize what I truly had. He forgave me and I would never leave him again. I am certain now that he is the one I will spend my life with.

    I think that, even though he hurt you, you should go with what you believe about him "being the one." Everything happens for a reason.