Monday, October 12, 2009

Good girl this week

First and foremost I just wanna say how much I friggin' looooooove my new Domo hat....

I want to be a productive person this week, well I guess I should say extra productive.

I have had so much going on during the weekend I end up feeling lazy during the week because I am so tired. Then again, I also forget how sick I have been recently and/or how much OT I have been getting.

Some of the things I want to get done before this weekend....
1. organize, label, and upload all non sorted pictures
2. Clean/Organize my apartment
3. Finish Leeloo's Faceup
4. MSC Ante when she comes in *squee!!!*
5. Decide what I will be getting from CoolCat (or if I will just try to get a DIM Ace so I have a body for Miyavi..... or if I will just get the bag and face guards and save the rest for another time)

I am also worried about my Beauty White Fullset Ante..... She shipped on Friday(waiting to be picked up by USPS)... and early Saturday AM the USPS Tracking site went down... So I have no idea where she is...

I really hope she shows up tomorrow. I brought Gaius with me because he is super excited about her. He always poses well wtih Lavinia (Fenris's Ante).

*crosses all fingers and toes*

( 566V) ~~> ( 586V)

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