Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ante(received) and Heliot(paid off, receive next week) this week

So, I got my Ante!

I picked her up from the post office and dashed over to Darby's to open her! I really wanted to get pictures of her Natural Skin Ante and my Beauty White Ante together. Especially since they were both Macarone fullsets. Not to mention she's tons of fun anyway. We played for like 6 hours!

Here is her opening video:

We got some really awesome shots! Here is the whole gallery:

And a few of my favorites




I've gotten yet more OT at work this week, especially yesterday. I worked an 11 hour day T_T (I am glad for the extra money) I will get my first check with a stint of OT on it this week. I am curious to see how much it is, and how much the government raped my check. lol /sigh. I'll get some back at tax season, right?

This extra money will really help with my goal of getting erry'thing paid off! The earlier they are paid for, the sooner they are made, the sooner I get them, and my wallet will be much happier.

I feel like a total Zombie today.... Eeeeerg BRAINS... @_@ Not in the mood for ignorance. Sleepy....

( 586V) ~~> ( 604V)

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