Monday, November 2, 2009

Finally getting around to it!

So, I finally have gotten the gumption to write for my blog.

I've had so many fun things and worries happening, I've just been too worn out. A couple of updates I suppose.....

Received SOOM MD Heliot fullset on Wednesday October 21st (You can see his Opening Video here) and named him Elipses.
This was great, I had two friends who happen to also have Heliots come over and we played with them for hours. It was awesome. We also came up with this funny idea that we have to flesh out sometime.... We have 3 unicorns... and one of their demeanor is kinda grumpy so we thought we should do a video/photostory of them doing the Charlie the Unicorn goes to Candy Mountain bit. it will be epic if we ever do it.
Here is his opening video.

I also received my Delf Nanuri 07 on a Breakaway body the next day Thursday October 22nd. I named him Yasui (because I got him at such a good deal). His opening Video can be found here. He was a great deal, though some of the details of the sale got mixed up (The seller promptly sent the correct item and let me keep the one that was sent by mistake! Yay!) He is so pretty.
Here is his opening video.

Then I received my Delf Shine from Luts on Monday October 26th. I was quite blown away with this guy. I was already drooling over him on the Luts site, but in person... Wow! I still don't have a name for him. Its something that will just hit me. Yasui and him have gotten along quite well! They pose very good together.
Here is his opening video.

And finally I hope to get my Fairyland order today.... though I am doubtful. I am so very excited to get Lum/Caprica (Beauty White Minifee Lishe normal boy). He's going to be soo pretty! I worked really hard on making him a really cute "simple" red dress this weekend and at the very end when I was cutting excess fabric I cut a hole right in it after like 3 hours of work T_T. At least it is in a spot where I can put some cute hearts or something over it.... and turn it into something more cutesy than sexy (/sigh) Oh well. It wasn't all that great anyway. Nice practice.

My Dad comes in this Friday! Im so excited! I gotta finish cleaning my place, its about 1/2 done. I got all the doll play stuff organized (Though I couldn't find Leeloo's camera T_T) now I need to organize my art desk/doll mod stuff, my room, and organize/clean the bathroom.

I also did not get to see Miyavi play..... the concert was canceled because he injured himself... Get better Miyavi and come back Miyavi!

( 604V) ~~> ( 712V)

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